Lecture No.139

Title: A Computational Tool for Materials Design


Speaker: Dr.Hanlin CHEN  American CompuTherm LLC company


Date/Time: 2014-04-23,9:0011:00


Venue: Room.403, Material Building B


Inviter: Prof Jun WANG





Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) aims to accelerate the pace of discovery and deployment of advanced material systems. Computational tools are the key component in MGI infrastructure. Pandat, a computational modeling tool coupling thermodynamic calculation and kinetic simulation, was developed to calculate phase diagrams, simulate precipitation and provide information on thermodynamic properties, phase equilibria, etc. in multicomponent alloy systems. The tool is designed in an integrated workspace and assists in the understanding of the composition-processing-structure-property relationships. Examples will be presented to demonstrate the application of this tool in materials design.

Location:Room.403, Material Building B