Zhao Zhen meets with the delegation of SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)

On July 13, Zhao Zhen met with the delegation led by ByungHoon Kim, Senior Vice President of SAIT.

Zhao Zhen welcomed the guests of SAIT and gave a brief introduce of SMSE.

Chen ke introduced Shanghai Jiao Tong University and School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Then Li Zhiqiang introduced “Study on Carbon Nanotubes/Aluminum Composites Fabricated by Flake Powder Metallurgy”. And Zhu Shenmin introduced “Bio-inspired Materials Derived from Natural Materials”. At last, Zhang Peng introduced “Novel Composite Structures for Photoelectrocatalysis ”.

The guests of SAIT visited the labs of Research Institute of Composite Materials.

The visiting of SAIT strengthened mutual understand between SAIT and SMSE.