OSU-SJTU Joint Symposium on Advanced Metallic Materials and Processes

     During December 14-15th, a delegation from College of Engineering (CoE) at The Ohio State University (OSU) visited School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). On Dec. 14th, a joint academic symposium on Advanced Metallic Materials and Processes was held with the attendance of Rudolph Buchheit, Associate Dean of CoE at OSU, Profs. Alan Luo, Michael Mills, Yunzhi Wang, Glenn Daehn, and Wei Zhang from OSU. Liang Guo, Deputy Director of Global SJTU, Baode Sun, Dean of SMSE, Min Wang and Xiaoqin Zeng, Vice Deans of SMSE, some other faculty members and students from SMSE attended the symposium.




     First of all, Prof. Baode Sun addressed a welcoming speech to the delegation from OSU and stated that both OSU and SJTU share similar research areas in materials engineering and established cooperation previously, including a Dual PhD program on MSE, the MoU of which was successfully signed in 2013. As an important cooperation partner of SMSE at SJTU, OSU was engaged in recently granted National ‘111’ plan - Advanced Light Metals Innovative Talents-introduced Base. Therefore, it is believed that fruitful achievements can be expected in terms of research and education. Deputy Director Liang Guo introduced the recent achievements of international collaboration of SJTU and hoped to cooperate with more top universities around the world. Profs. Rudolph Buchheit and Xiaoqin Zeng gave brief introduction to the research areas, achievements and specialties of CoE at OSU and SMSE at SJTU, respectively.



    During the symposium, fourteen professors from OSU and SJTU presented their research, on the topics including materials genome, simulation and modeling, corrosion and protection, characterization, and welding and joining. Both sides have already conducted cooperation on the processing and forming of magnesium alloy previously. This symposium further facilitated the mutual understanding on the respective research fields and progress of both sides, laying a solid foundation for the future cooperation in more research areas.


   In the morning of Dec. 15th, OSU delegation visited the lab of ultra-microstructure characterization, lab of light metals, and lab of welding and laser processing. After that, faculty members from both sides attended a meeting on research collaboration, chaired by Prof. Xiaoqin Zeng, Vice Dean of SMSE in charge of research. In the meeting, the collaboration mode and the areas of research collaboration were outlined. Based on above discussion, further academic communication was continued individually among professors sharing similar research areas.
    In the afternoon, a meeting on the implementation of Dual PhD program was held. Shengrong Yang, Vice Dean of graduate school, Min Wang, Vice Dean of SMSE in charge of international collaboration, and Shenmin Zhu, Vice Dean in charge of education, Ke Chen, Dean Assistant of SMSE, and several other teachers joined the meeting together with OSU delegation. OSU and SJTU have already signed 2+2 dual PhD agreement in 2013 and in this meeting more details about the selection of students and cultivation were discussed in order to be fully prepared for launching the program as soon as possible. After that, professors from OSU interviewed 12 students who are interested in this program. The first batch of selected students will go to OSU in August of 2016.



   This visit of OSU delegation signified the initiation of extensive cooperation in the research and education between CoE at OSU and SMSE at SJTU. After this visit, OSU will become intimate cooperation partner of SMSE at SJTU. The research and education of both sides are expected to be further improved as a result of the intimate collaboration in the future.