The 10th Anniversary of Laser Processing Laboratory, SJTU

  The Laser Processing Laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University celebrated its 10th anniversary in January, 2016. Guests attending the event include: Ms. Johanna Wanka, Minister of Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, Mr. Wan Gang, Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Mr. Peter Rothen, German Consul General in Shanghai, Mr. Shou Ziqi, Director of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee, and Mr. Chen Jiachang, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation in Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Mr. Zhang Jie, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Mr. Lin Zhongqin, Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University also attended the event. The celebration was presided over by Mr. Huang Zhen, Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  In 2004, the Sino-German collaboration project on the optics technique, CHINLAS, was signed under the witness of both German Premier and Chinese Premier. After that, with the strong support from the governments and industries of both countries, the project CHINLAS started and the Laser Processing Lab was founded in 2006. At the end of 2007, the project CHIINLAS was finished successfully and the achievements of CHINLAS laid the foundation for the application of the laser welding in Chinese shipbuilding industry. In 2009, the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Materials Laser Processing and Modification was established. In the same year, with the support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the International Collaboration Base was established here.From then on, the Laser Processing Lab stepped into the stage of rapid development.
  The objective of Laser Processing Lab is proposed by the founder, Professor Yixiong Wu: to work practically, to express genuinely, and to behave honestly. Under the guidance of this concept, it has made outstanding achievements and been a famous research institute in the field of laser processing.
  The Laser Processing Lab has carried out more than 300 projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, and large-scale manufacturing coorporations. It has won 27 national, provincial or ministerial awards of invention and technology progress. More than 30 invention patents were granted and over 300 research papers published.
  President Zhang delivered a welcoming address. He pointed out that the Laser Processing Lab was a representative achievement of international collaboration between Chinese government and German government, as well as a paragon of scientific and technological collaboration. Under the strong support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, a series of achievements have been made in the fields of laser welding and laser cladding. It is believed that under the joint efforts of both Chinese and German sides, Laser Processing Lab of Shanghai Jiao Tong University will make further development and greater contribution.
  Mr. Harald Kohn, Visiting professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and senior researcher of Bremen Laser Application Institute, briefly reviewed the development progress of Sino-German collaboration on laser application. Mr. Huang Jian, Vice Director of the Laser Processing Lab, introduced the current status of the lab and bilateral collaboration. The close collaboration between China and Germany has greatly promoted the development of the laboratory and provided a common platform for both countries to apply advanced laser technology in industries.
  Ms. Johanna Wanka spoke highly of the achievements made by the Laser Processing Lab in the past ten years. She praised it as a flagship of two countries in the field of high technology collaboration. On a global scale, the potential and importance of laser processing has been growing rapidly. The goal of the lab is to nurture personnel, develop new technology and promote joint research in the field of laser processing. In the past ten years, the researchers from both China and Germany made progresses continuously, which fulfilled and exceeded the expectations. Ms. Wanka sincerely wished the lab to always maintain innovative and create a brighter future.
  In the speech addressed by Mr. Wan Gang, he thanked the lab for her persistent efforts and continuous innovation. The discipline construction of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has always been highly ranked in China. After many years of exploration, the Laser Processing Lab was built up based on the international collaboration project. The Sino-German collaboration covers related universities, research institutes and industries, promoting the application of scientific research. He wished the laboratory to create more brilliant achievements in the future.
  As the last part of the celebration event, all guests took a lab tour and watched laser welding demo with great interest. With the novel technology of laser welding developed by the Laser Processing Lab, the large-scale sandwich structures were produced successfully. The sandwich plates could be used in ship deck, bulkhead, superstructure and other structures of ships. It can significantly reduce the ship weight and size, as well as manufacturing costs. The lab has also made outstanding achievements in the field of laser welding for thick shipbuilding steel plates. After the hybrid welding presentation of T joint with fiber laser and MIG arc, guests and researchers conducted in-depth discussion. Compared with the welding method of single heat source, the hybrid welding not only has the capability of rapid welding, but also reduces the requirements on assembling. At the same time, the residual stress and welding deformation could be controlled at a low level.
  Prof. Sun Baode and Prof. Shan Aidang, leaders of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU also attended the celebration. Participants included representatives from industrial collaborators, e.g. Bao Shan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Trumpf Laser Technique Co., Ltd., IPG Photonics Co., Ltd., and some other German companies. All teachers and students of Laser Processing Lab also participated in the celebration.
  Wish the Laser Processing Lab to make more brilliant achievements in new journey!