A signing ceremony was grandly held for metal processing joint research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    A signing ceremony for ‘metal processing joint research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Worcester Polytechnic Institute’ was grandly held in Yao Zheng lecture hall in Material A building of Minhang campus on September 30th, 2016. Professor Wenjiang Ding from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and professor DiranApelian from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who is an academician of the American Academy of Engineering signed a contract on behalf of both sides respectively. Ansheng Zhang who is the vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Vijay Alreja who is the president of VJT company (VJ Technologies company) of America attended the ceremony. Professor Baode Sun, dean of School of Material Science and Engineering of SJTU performed the signing ceremony. Liangjin Mo who is the director of Office of International Cooperation of SJTU, Weidong Li who is the vice president of Research Institute of Science and Technology Development, Min Wang who is the vice president of School of Material Science and Technology of SJTU, and other guests from the VJT company, Fraunhofer Institute of Germany, ErhardtAbt Automation Technology Co. Ltd. of Germany, and Shenzhen Hangda New technology Co. Ltd. of Guangdong Province also attended the signing ceremony.



    Vice president Ansheng Zhang made an address first and delivered a welcome speech for the arrival of professor DiranApelian and Mr. VijayAlerj and other guests. He introduced the situation of international exchanges and cooperation of SJTU and indicated that Shanghai Jiao Tong University had a long history, had actively explored innovation cooperation mode for a long time, and had achieved fruitful results in talent cultivation and industrial application of research results. This sign marked the further deepening of international cooperation in our school and it indicated new breakthroughs in innovation of production - study - research mode of the joint research center.



    Professor DiranApelian then delivered a speech and introduced the origin of the American Worcester Polytechnic Institute and China. He said that the American Worcester Polytechnic Institute kept longstanding exchanges with China, and had trained many Chinese students since last century, such as the famous scholar Mr. Yiqi Mei. He said that, as one of the earliest university of science and technology in the United States, Worcester Polytechnic Institute possessed a good recognition in corporate America and had a good popularity in research and teaching. Also, Worcester Polytechnic Institute ranked the top 50 comprehensive colleges and universities of the United States, and was more prominent in teaching with the result of coming out first in higher school of the United States in 2016.


    Academician Wenjiang Ding said in his speech that professor Diran and his Metal Processing Institute (MPI) of Worcester polytechnic institute worked very well in the field of metal processing and enjoyed a high reputation in industry of North America. He pointed out that we are facing difficulties in scientific research transformation. He hoped the new joint research center, which is located in the economic center Shanghai, could learn and use the MPI success mode in North America to establish a successful cooperation between Chinese enterprises and researchers.



     Mr Vijay Alreja made a speech as a representative of enterprise and reviewed the 20 years' pleasant cooperation experience between VJT company and academia. He pointed out that the problems in the enterprise development could be resolved through good cooperation with colleges and universities and good cooperation mode was win-win. The first was that the technical problems of the enterprise could be solved. The second was that the academia had many supporting projects. Then the most important beneficiaries were students and they could promote their innovation ability by participating in the real projects from the enterprise.
    After the signing ceremony, all the guests took a group photo. Then professor DiranApelian made an interesting report on the theme of the successful partnership between the academia and the industry. Taking Alibaba and Uber as examples, he vividly explained the significant changes that was undergoing in the 21st century and emphasized the importance of the open innovation model centered on knowledge and talent. Then taking the four research centers in Worcester Polytechnic Institute which were established by MPI company as example, he described how to realize a win-win cooperation with the industry to meet the change of times. In the end, he expected the new joint research centre could be a good partner with China and even the global business in aspects of knowledge innovation and personnel training.





 (Article: Haijun Huang, Anping Dong and Da Shu Pictures: Wenbo Shi and Jianming Ren)