Plan "111" of International Cooperation on Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center Launching Ceremony

   On Nov. 16, 2016, Plan "111" of International Cooperation on Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center (ALMIC) launching ceremony was grandly held in Yiu Ching Lecture Hall, School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU).  111 Project of ALMIC was led by Prof. Wenjiang Ding, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), based on two state-level research centers, namely SJTU Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center (NERC-LAF) and State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites.  Chinese academic master Wenjiang Ding, academician of CAE, and the foreign academic master Robert H Wagoner, academician of US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) from this 111 project attended the launching ceremony and delivered important speeches. Director Liangjin Mo of SJTU International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Party Secretary Aidang Shan of SMSE, vice-dean Min Wang of SMSE, Prof. Michael Ferry of Univ. New South Wales in Australia, Team leader Prof. Xiaolu Gong of advanced materials group of France Key Laboratory of National Scientific Research Center, Prof. Liming Peng of NERC-LAF, vice-dean Xiaoqin Zeng of SMSE, Prof. Zhen Zhao of SMSE, and other faculty and student representatives attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Min Wang, vice-dean of SMSE.

   Academicians Wenjiang Ding and Robert H. Wagoner unveiled the ALMIC platform plate along with other representatives.  Plan "111" ("Higher Education Discipline Innovation Plan") based on national key disciplines, is to gather around 1000 excellent talents from world top 100 universities and institutes for a high-level research team, and to establish 100 world-class discipline innovation centers toward international science frontier. 
   111 project of “Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center” congregates 1 academician of US NAE and at least 10 foreign experts from world top 100 renowned universities and institutes.  This 111 project lasts 5 years from 2016-2020 with annual supporting fund at least 1.8M China Yuan.

   Director Liangjin Mo on behalf of SJTU delivered a welcome speech, and officially announced the launch of the 111 Project of Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center.  In the speech, he emphasized that we should aim at the international research frontier from national major demands, strengthen basic science and technology applications, and build disciplines innovation center.  He explicitly stated that SJTU will fully support the research and researcher exchange for this 111 Project.  He also wished international advanced achievements in the field of light alloy from this project.

   During the speech by Academician Wenjiang Ding, he introduced the urgency of light weight and good wishes of weight saving for the world from the perspective of individual and society.  He pointed out that the light metal research of SJTU had lasted for 32 years and the research achievements has been applied in the fields of automotive and aerospace.  "Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center" provided a new opportunity for focusing on light metal research.  Although NERC-LAF has a lot of research accumulation on light metal structure materials, further breakthrough is needed on structural materials.  Also the expansion to light metal functional materials is needed with main focus on energy material and bio-degradable materials.  Three events each year are expected for this innovation center, and it is expected to strengthen academic exchanges, to develop substantial international cooperation, to form a number of cooperation projects and cooperation research centers.  From this 111 Project, it is expected to have a lot of landmark innovation achievements in the aspects of components design and fundamental research of lightweight materials, and to develop world-class light metal structural materials and functional materials,  and to make major breakthroughs serving major national demands.

   Academician Robert Wagoner is a world authority on metal plasticity forming.  In his speech, he pointed out that there were many similarities between SJTU and Ohio State University where he works.  Both universities conduct research from important practical problems, tackle and solve key engineering questions through basic research, and check the research results through technology promotion and application. 

   Prof. Michael Ferry of University of New South Wales in Australia, the executive director of Light Alloy Research Council (ARC) of Australia said that it was honored to attend the opening ceremony of 111 Project.  Through cooperation and communication with Prof. Jinfu Li of SJTU, he and Prof. Li published several papers and were granted International Cooperation Project in 2016 from National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF) of China.  He hoped to further strengthen cooperation and make more international achievements through the "Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center".

   During the launching ceremony, Prof. Aidang Shan on behalf of SMSE awarded the letter of appointment to foreign experts. 

   Prof. Aidang Shan, SMSE Party Secretary of SJTU awarded the letter of appointment to the foreign academic master – Academician Robert Wagoner

   Prof. Aidang Shan, SMSE Party Secretary of SJTU awarded the letter of appointment to Prof. Michael Ferry

   Prof. Aidang Shan, SMSE Party Secretary of SJTU awarded the letter of appointment to Prof. Xiaolu Gong

   Prof. Liming Peng made a presentation about 111 Project of "Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center" including Plan 111 background, project objectives, foreign and domestic research team, center research thrusts and strategic planning, operation mode.  an introduction of project  in the aspects of the background of Plan "111", the project purpose, the Chinese and foreign academic experts team, the content and plan of center construction and the operation mode.

   In the afternoon, an academic conference on light metal structural materials was held. Academician Robert Wagoner made a keynote presentation titled "Elastic-Plastic Transition: A Universal Law". Prof. Michael Ferry, Prof. Jie Dong of SMSE, Associate Prof. Xincun Zhuang of SMSE, and Associate Prof. Xingwu Guo gave presentations on relevant research, respectively.  After conference, the participating experts also visited SMSE Sci. & Tech. Achievement Exhibition Hall, Frontier Research Center for Advanced Materials, Institute of Welding and Laser Manufacturing, etc.  They also visited GM China Research Institute in Shanghai with Prof. Liming Peng.
   After launching ceremony, Academician Robert Wagoner will spend several days to visit NERC-LAF and Institute of Forming Technology & Equipment, respectively for academic collaboration exchanges. 

(Translated By Yating WU, Bing YE; Photographed by Wenbo SHI)