Kite Festival,Flying Dreams and Communicating Cultures,Held Successfully

   The Kite Festival, Flying Dreams and Communicating Cultures, was held by Graduate Students Union of SMSE on the lawn in front of SEIEE at 2 p.m. March 18th, in order to strengthen the Chinese culture experience and enrich the campus life for graduate students in SMSE. SMSE students volunteered for translation to help international students from Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, etc. to be better involved in this activity.
     Zhang Xiaoyi, the chairman of Graduate Students’ Union, addressed a welcome speech. Both flying kites and kicking shuttlecock are the Chinese traditional outdoor activities. She hoped that this activity would help students experience culture in person and strengthen the emotional relations with each other. The kite Festival started after a brief introduction of activity process given by the chairman.
    Every student had successfully finished the kite making with cooperation. The colorful kites showed their creative ideas and enjoyed different styles. The Most Beautiful Kite Award was presented to the most delicate and exquisite kite during the kite presentation. Everyone was delighted that watching self-made kite flying in the sky.
    The kicking shuttlecock match was also held so that international students could experience the Chinese traditional sports better. It is surprised that some international students did better even than Chinese students. A Chinese knot was sent to international students as an award and souvenir.
    The Kite Festival provides a platform for international students to experience Chinese culture and communicate with Chinese students, laying a foundation for communication and cooperation for the future. Many international students express that they like flying kite and kicking shuttlecock very much and they hope they could have more chances in the future.