Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) pioneered in setting up the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering in China, which began with Department of Metallurgy in 1958, and renamed the School of Materials Science and Engineering In 1997, Currently “Materials Science and Engineering” in MSE and SJTU is listed in the national key fields, fields with first level priority in financial support, in China.
   In last ten years, MSE filed in SJTU, including all the programs in School of MSE and materials programs in other schools or departments, has been consistently remained in national top 5, especially No. 1 in 2003, as evaluated by the Ministry of Education.
   There are about 260 faculty and staff members, including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 Yangtze River Scholars and 4 winners of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, and there are a total of about 1300 full-time students in the school. Although scientific research is both extensively and intensively conducted in recent years, education for students consistently received top priority in SMSE. In the aspect of undergraduate education, after several educational reforms such as “curriculum rebuild”,”Program for improvement of creativity” and “education for full development”, the selectivity in the admission has been substantially improved, and the percentage of students to pursue higher degrees has exceeded 50% and the total of this part and those employed after graduation has been up to 99%.
   SMSE now occupies an area of 45,500 square meters, with 7 buildings for offices and laboratories,whose total floor area is 35,000 square meters.
Visit SMSE
   SMSE is on Minhang Campus, adjacent to Cang Yuan Road.
   Please visit SMSE or SJTU at 3D-campus Maps or Panorama for more details.
SMSE Vision
   SMSE now is developing toward a world-class school with initiative spirit, and high standards for achievements of faculty and students.