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Naiheng MA

Naiheng MA

Research Center of Special Materials
Room.210, Special Materials Building

Biographical Information

  Naiheng MA is a Professor of School of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). His expertise focuses principally on the development and understanding of fabrication of metal matrix composites, including synthesis process controlling of in-situ particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites for industry application, and the mechanisms of improvement of mechanical properties of MMCs.


Research Interests

His recent research activities are mainly focused on:

1. Development of novel Al composites with high properties;

2. Improvement of corrosion resistance of in-situ TiB2 reinforced Al composites;


Selected Publications

[1] Wenmao Huang, Xiangyu Xia, Bin Liu, Yu Liu, Haowei Wang and Naiheng MaElectrodeposition of aluminum on aluminum surface from molten saltActa Metall. Sin.(Engl. Lett.)Vol.24 No.6 pp443-448, 2011

[2]Wenmao Huang, Xiangyu Xia, Bin Liu, Yu Liu, Haowei Wang and Naiheng MaImprovement in the corrosion resistance of TiB2/A356 composite by molten-salt electrodeposition and anodizationSurface and Coatings TechnologyVol.: 206, pp. 4988-4991, 2012

[3]Feifei Wang, Xiangqi Meng, Naiheng Ma, Jianming Xu, Xianfeng Li, Haowei WangJournal of Materials ScienceVolume 47, Issue 7, pp3361-3366, 2012

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[5]Wenmao Huang, Xiangyu Xia, Bin Liu, Yu Liu, Haowei Wang and Naiheng MaStudy on the initial electrodeposition behavior of aluminum on  TiB2/A356 composite, Materials and Corrosion, Vol.63, 2012

[6]Wenmao Huang, Mingliang Wang, Haowei Wang, Naiheng Ma, Xianfeng Li, The electrodeposition of aluminum on TiB2/A356 composite from ionic liquid as protective coating, Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol.213, pp.264-270, 2012