Faculty, by Name

Bing YE

Bing YE

Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center
Assistant Professor
Room. 207, Material Building B

Biographical Information

Postdoc Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

M.S., Ph.D. Materials Engineering, New Mexico Tech, USA

B.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University, China


Research Interests

Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Light Alloy Materials

  Our research focuses on light alloys with particular emphasis on preparation and processing by experiments and modeling.  1) Al-Si alloys such as A380 is widely used high pressure die casting alloy; however, it suffers from corrosion problem in the auto industrial applications.  The research is to develop high strength and corrosion resistant HPDC Al-Si alloys.  2) For Ti alloys we study the transformation-mismatch superplasticity at low external stress through thermal cycling around α/β phase transformation.  3) With regard to Mg-RE alloys, we study the deformation mechanism at elevated temperature and their possible applications for engine piston.

Selected Publications

[1]               Liang ZX, Ye B, Zhang L, Wang QG, Yang WY, Wang QD. A new high-strength and corrosion-resistant Al–Si based casting alloy. Mater Lett 2013;97:104.

[2]               Guo W, Wang Q, Ye B, Zhou H. Microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy processed by cyclic closed-die forging. J Alloy Compd 2013;558:164.

[3]               Ye B, Matsen M, Dunand D. Finite-Element Modeling of Titanium Powder Densification. Metall and Mat Trans A 2012;43:381.

[4]               Zhou H, Ye B, Wang QD, Guo W. Uniform fine microstructure and random texture of Mg–9.8Gd–2.7Y–0.4Zr magnesium alloy processed by repeated-upsetting deformation. Mater Lett 2012;83:175.

[5]               Guo W, Wang QD, Ye B, Liu MP, Peng T, Liu XT, Zhou H. Enhanced microstructure homogeneity and mechanical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy by repetitive upsetting. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 2012;540:115.

[6]               Ye B, Matsen MR, Dunand DC. Blended elemental powder densification of Ti-6Al-4V by hot pressing. J Mater Res 2011;26:965.

[7]               Ye B, Matsen MR, Dunand DC. Enhanced densification of Ti-6Al-4V powders by transformation-mismatch plasticity. Acta Mater 2010;58:3851.

[8]               Ye B, Dunand DC. Titanium foams produced by solid-state replication of NaCl powders. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 2010;528:691.

[9]               Ye B, Majumdar BS, Dutta I. Texture development and strain hysteresis in a NiTi shape-memory alloy during thermal cycling under load. Acta Mater 2009;57:2403.

[10]           Ye B, Majumdar BS, Dutta I. Texture memory and strain-texture mapping in a NiTi shape memory alloy. Appl Phys Lett 2007;91:61918.


Research Projects

1)        Development of high corrosion resistant aluminum alloys for high pressure die casting components (Phase II) funded by GM

2)    Study of processing fundamentals and properties of Ti-6Al-4V Ti alloy by compressive

 transformation-mismatch superplasticity funded by SJTU


Honors & Awards

Editorial board member of Chinese Core Journal Hot Working Technology