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Institute of Solidification Science and Technology
Associate Professor
Room 415, Material Building B

Biographical Information

  Dr. Da SHU has received his BSc (1994) at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) and his MSc (1997) and PhD (2001) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). His subsequent career has been a postdoc (2001), lecturer (2003) and associate professor (2008) at SJTU. He has been an academic visitor to the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford in UK from 2009 to 2010.

Research Interests

1. Liquid metal processing and solidification;

2. Aluminum alloys


Selected Publications

1.  Da Shu, Baode Sun, J. Mi and P.S. Grant. A high-speed imaging and modeling study of dendrite fragmentation caused by ultrasonic cavitation. Metall. Mater. Trans. A, 2012, 43A 3755-3766

2.  Da Shu, Baode Sun, J. Mi and P.S. Grant. A quantitative study of solute diffusion field effects on heterogeneous nucleation and the grain size of alloys. Acta Mater., 2011, 59: 2135-2144.

3.  Da Shu, J. Mi, Jun Wang and Baode Sun. Modelling the electromagnetic separation of non-metallic particles from liquid metal flowing through a two-stage multichannel. ISIJ Inter., 2011, 51(1): 21-26.

4.  Da Shu, Baode Sun, J. Mi and P.S. Grant. Refinement of TiB2 in Al-Ti-B grain refiner alloys by ultrasound and the effect on Al grain size. Mater. Sci. Forum, 2010, 654-656: 958-961.

5.  Da Shu, Jun Wang, Baode Sun. Performance of electromagnetic purification system in continuous twin roll casting of aluminum sheet. Mater. Sci. Forum, 2007, 546-549: 1043-1048


Research Projects

1. Real-time study of ultrasonic cavitation in molten metals and investigations on grain refining mechanism (National Natural Science Foundation project)

2. Processing of ultra-high strength aluminum alloys with uniform structure and properties (National Basic Research Program of China)


Honors & Awards

Shanghai Rising-star, 2007

Second Prize of National Technology Invention Award, 2006

First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Award, 2005