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Institute of Solidification Science and Technology
Room 417, Material Building B

Biographical Information

  Dr. Jun WANG has received his BSc (1991), MSc (1994) and PhD (1997) at Southeast University . His subsequent career has been a postdoc (1997), associate professor (1998) and professor (2005) at SJTU. He has been a research fellow in the Venture Business Lab in Saga University and senior researcher in Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Tokyo in Japan.


Research Interests

Aluminum processing and solidification;

Superalloys and stainless steels investment casting


Selected Publications

1. Wang Jun, Zhang Li ,Sun Baode, Zhou Yaohe, Study on the Cr3C2-NiCr detonation spray coating, Surface & Coatings Technology, 2000, 130: 69-73

2. Jun Wang, Baode Sun, Yaohe Zhou, SEM in-situ Fracture Observation and the Reinforcing Effect of Composite SiCp/ZA22, J. Mater. Sci. & Tech, 2001, 17(6): 649-652

3. Jun Wang, Shuxian He, Baode Sun, Ke Li, Da Shu, Yaohe Zhou, Effects of melt thermal treatment on hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys, Mater. Sci. & Eng. A, 2002, 338(1-2):101-107

4. Wang Jun, Guo Qixin, Nishio Mitsuhiro, Ogawa Hiroshi, Shu Da, Li Ke, He Shuxian, Sun Baode. The apparent viscosity of fine particle reinforced composite melt, J.Mater. Proc. Tech., 2003, 136(1-3): 60-63

5. Wang Jun, Li Ke, Shu Da, He Xin, Sun Baode, Guo Qixin, Nishio Mitsuhiro, Ogawa Hiroshi, Effects of structure and processing technique on the properties of thermal spray WC-Co and NiCrAl/WC-Co coatings, Mater. Sci. and Eng. A, 2004, 371: 187-192

6. Jun Wang, Chang-sheng Zhai, Yi Yang, Bao-de Sun, Microindentation and statistical analysis of microhardness of detonation sprayed Al2O3/TiO2  nanocomposite coatings, J. Comp. Mater., 2006, 40(11): 943-954


Research Projects

1. Fabrication of the in-situ composites with electromagnetic field(National Natural Science Foundation project)

2. Aluminum electroslag refining and its purification mechanism (National Natural Science Foundation project)

3. Metallurgy fundamentals of primary aluminum fabrication with high quality & low energy consumption processes(National Basic Research Program of China)

4. Processing of ultra-high strength aluminum alloys with uniform structure and properties (National Basic Research Program of China)


Honors & Awards

l   New-Century Talent Program, Ministry of Educating of China, 2005

l   First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Award, 2005

l   Shanghai Dawn Scholar, 2006

l   Second Prize of National Technology Invention Award, 2006

l   Shanghai Excellent Scientific Leader, 2008