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Institute of Solidification Science and Technology
Associate Research Professor
Room 413, Material Building B

Biographical Information

Co-Head of SJTU-ZhongFu company joint research center

  He received BSc (1994) and MSc (1999) at HeBei University of Technology, and a Ph.D degree (2006) at Shanghai Jiaotong University. In the period before his doctorate study, he was a lecture and then associate professor in HBUT.

Research Interests

  He locates interests on total system of solidification process, including melt structure, nucleation and growth of crystal, especially on the effect of solute on morphology of dendrite. About engineering technology, he developed several patent technologies on purification of high purity aluminum which had been industrilized. The first piece of 5N5 (99.9995 wt % Al) aluminum ingot and 6N ingot in China are fabricated by the technique.


Selected Publications

[1]     Zhang Jiao, Dong Qing, Sun Baode, Zhou Wei, Xie Honglan. Study of fragment behavior during columnar-equiaxed transition of hypoeutectic alloy with synchrotron radiation. Materials Science Forum, 2012, 706-709: 1743-1748.

[2]     Dong Qing, Zhang Jiao*, Dong Jinfang, Dai Yongbing, Bian Fenggang, Xie Honglan, Lu Yanling, Sun Baode. Anaxial columnar dendrites in directional solidification of an Al-15wt.% Cu alloy. Materials Letters, 2011, 65: 3295-3297.

[3]     Dong Qing, Zhang Jiao*, Dong Jinfang, Xie Honglan, Li Zhijun, Dai Yongbing, Liu Yang, Sun Baode. In situ observation of columnar-to-equiaxed transition in directional solidification using synchrotron X-radiation imaging technique. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2011, 530: 271-276.

[4]     Zhang Jiao, Shu Da, Rao Qun-li, Sun Bao-de. Nucleation and growth of high purity aluminum grains in directional solidification bulk sample. Transactions of nonferrous metals society of China. 2006, 16(1):1. (SCI sourceEI source).

[5]  Zhang Jiao, Shu Da. Competitive growth of high purity aluminum grains in directional solidification. Transactions of nonferrous metals      

       society of China. 2006, 161600-1605.


Research Projects

- Shanghai Municipal Natural Science Fund of China

- National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)

- National high technology research and development program (863)