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Wei LI

Wei LI

Advanced Materials Research Center
Room 503B, Material Building A

Biographical Information


PhD in Metallurgy and Materials, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK,2011

MSc in Material Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China,2007

BSc in Material Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China,2004


2007. 5-8 Baosteel-NSC/Arcelor Automotive Steel Sheets Co.Ltd

2012. 2- Lecturer of Shanghai JiaoTong University

Research Interests

S phase treatment on stainless steel; hydrogen embrittlement in advanced high strength steel; microstructure characterization in steel

Selected Publications

1. Effect of tensile stress on the formation of S-phase during low-temperature plasma carburizing of 316L foil. Acta Materialia. 2011, 59(14)

2. Atom Probe and Mössbauer Spectroscopy Investigations of Cementite Dissolution in a Cold Drawn Eutectoid Steel. Journal of Materials Science & Technology. 2010, 26(9)

3. The Mechanism of Cementite Evolution in Heavily Deformed Eutectoid Steel. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University. 2007,41(10)

4. α to γ transformation in the nanostructured surface layer of pearlitic steels near room temperature. Scripta Materialia. 2008,59(8)

5. The influence of aging on the mecproperty of a cold drawn pearlite steel. Acta Metallurgica Sinica.2006, 42(10)

Research Projects

1. Mechanism of S-phase formed on stainless steel and its stability under applied fields. NSFC, China(51201105)

2. Joint research about hydrogen delayed fracture of high strength steels and the role of alloying elements for automobile application. HIMI-TMC

Honors & Awards

2007 Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme(ORSAS) from the Higher Education Funding Council for England