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Deliang ZHANG

Deliang ZHANG

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Room 513, Material Building F

Biographical Information

  Prof. Deliang Zhang got his BE degree in materials engineering from Northeastern University of Technology (currently Northeastern University), China (1985), and DPhil degree in metallurgy and materials science from the University of Oxford, UK (1991), and has research/work experience at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, University of Queensland, Australia and North Carolina State University, USA.  From July 1996- February 2013, he hasd been working at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, as a lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and professor. He was selected into the “Qianren Plan” of China in 2010, and now works at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, as a Chair Professor, and leads the advanced powder metallurgy materials and technology research laboratory. Prof. Zhang is an internationally recognised materials scientist in the areas of synthesis and processing of metastable materials and titanium alloy powder production and consolidation with significant achievements in scientific research and technological development on synthesis and processing of nanostructured metal, alloy and metal matrix nanocomposite powders by high energy mechanical milling and thermomechanical consolidation of these powders. He has proposed three new materials processing concepts and invented three new materials processing processes based on these concepts. He has been author or co-author of more than 200 academic papers published in journals and conference proceedings, which have been cited more than 1300 times. In the University of Waikato, he and his team have established a world class laboratory in metallic and metal matrix composite powder processing and consolidation, and undertaken five large research projects funded by the New Zealand government with a total funding of more than NZ$6 millions. Prof. Zhang is a member of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), USA and on its titanium committee and powder materials committee. He is a member of the editorial boards of “Materials Technology and Advanced Performance Materials” and “Materials Science and Engineering A”, and board of key reviewers of “Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A”. He is the chairman of the 1st and 4th Int. Conf. on Advanced Materials Processing (ICAMP 1 and 4), and member of international advisory committee of this conference series. He is also a member of the international advisory committee of the 12-15th International Conference on Rapidly Quenched and Metastable Materials (RQ12-15), and a member of the international committee on nanostructured materials. In recent years, he has been invited to give invited takes and keynote lectures in a number of international conferences in the field of materials science and engineering.

Research Interests

1. Research and development of advanced powder metallurgy materials and technology

2. Powder metallurgy synthesis, microstructure and properties of nanostructured and ultrafine structured metals, alloys and metal matrix nanocomposites


Selected Publications

1.        Yongjun Su, Deliang Zhang, Fantao Kong, Yuyong Chen, “Microstructure and mechanical properties of TiAl alloys produced by rapid heating and open die forging of blended elemental powder compacts”, Materials Science and Engineering A,  563 (2013), 46-52

2.        V. N. Nadakuduru, D. L. Zhang, B. Gabbitas, Y. L. Chiu, “Tensile Properties and Fracture Behaviour of an Ultrafine Grained Ti-47Al-2Cr (at %) Alloy at Room and Elevated Temperatures”, Journal of Materials Science, 47 (2012), 1223–1233

3.        Fei Yang, Deliang Zhang, Huiyang Lu and Brian Gabbitas,  “Preparation, microstructure and properties of Ti-6Al-4V rods by powder compact extrusion of powder mixture”, Key Engineering Materials,  v 520, p 70-75,  2012,

4.        Stella Raynova, Deliang Zhang, Brian Gabbitas , “Tensile properties of Ti-6Al-4V discs produced by open die powder compact forging of pre-alloyed HDH powders”, Key Engineering Materials,  v 520, p 289-294,  2012,

5.        Mingtu Jia, Deliang Zhang and Brian Gabbitas, “Comparison of blended elemental (BE) and mechanical alloyed (MA) powder compact forging into Ti-6Al-4V rocker arms”, Key Engineering Materials,  v 520, p 82-88,  2012,

6.        Paul Ewart, Seokyoung Ahn and Deliang Zhang, “Mixing titanium MIM feedstock: Homogeneity, debinding and handling strength”, Powder Injection Moulding International, Vol. 5 No. 2 (June 2011), 54-59

7.        V. N. Nadakuduru, D. L. Zhang, P. Cao Y. L. Chiu B. Gabbitas, “The mechanical behaviour of an ultrafine grained Ti-47Al-2Cr (at%) alloy in tension and compression and at different temperatures”, Materials Science and Engineering A, 528 (2011) 4592–4599

8.        D. L. Zhang, H. B. Yu, Y. Y. Chen, “Mechanical properties and fracture behaviour of nanostructured and ultrafine Sstructured TiAl alloys synthesised by mechanical milling of powders and hot isostatic pressing”, Materials Science Forum, Vol. 683 (2011), 149-160

9.        A Mukhtar, D L Zhang, C Kong and P Munroe,  “Effect of processing condition and composition on the microhardness of Cu-(2.5-10)vol.%Al2O3 nanocomposite powder particles produced by high energy mechanical milling”, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 24 (2010), 2308-2313

10.    A Mukhtar, D L Zhang, C Kong and P Munroe, "Consolidation of ultrafine grained Cu powder and nanostructured Cu-(2.5-10)vol.%Al2O3 composite powders by powder compact forging", Journal of Materials Science, 45 (2010), 4594-4605


Research Projects

1. Research and development of advanced powder metallurgy materials and technology

2. Powder metallurgy synthesis, microstructure and properties of nanostructured and ultrafine structured metals, alloys and metal matrix nanocomposites

3. Please contact Prof. Deliang Zhang for further details on research projects


Honors & Awards

·   Selected into the China National “Qianren Plan” (2010)

·   Listed in The Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 7th-10th Edition (2004-2008) for outstanding achievements in materials science and engineering

·   Japan Science and Technology Agency Fellow (1997)

·   Recipient of Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme Scholarship, China and UK (1987-1990)