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Associate Professor
Room505, Materials Building F

Biographical Information

  He is currently an associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He received his B.S. (Chemistry Physics) from University of Science and Technology of China and his M.E. degree (Materials Chemistry) from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2007, he obtained his PhD degree from Chemistry of University of California at Davis followed with a postdoctoral position at Chemical Engineering of University of California, Santa Barbara.


Research Interests

  His research interests focus on catalysis, photoelectrochemistry, electrochemistry and thermochemistry. Currently funded research projects include the development of environmentally friendly composite materials for applications in natural gas catalysis, solar electrochemical production of fuels and energy reservation. Dr. Zhang was awarded the first prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award in 2009.


Selected Publications

1.    “Oriented Ti doped hematite thin film as active photoanodes synthesized by facile APCVD” Zhang, P.; Kleiman, A.; Hu, Y. and McFarland, E. et al. Energy & Environmental Science 2011, 4 (3), 1020 - 1028.

2.    “Container effect in nanocasting synthesis of mesoporous metal oxides” Sun, X.; Shi. Y. Zhang, P.; and Stucky, G. et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 14542–14545.

3.    “Thermochemistry of proton containing borosilicate, aluminosilicate and gallosilicate zeolite beta” Zhou W.; Sun P.; Zhang P.; Navrotsky A. Microporous & Mesoporous Materials , 2011, 142, 749–753

4.    “CO2 methanation on Ru-doped ceria” Sharma, S.; Hu, Z.; Zhang, P.; McFarland, E.;  Metiu, H., Journal of Catalysis, 2011, 278, 297-309.

5.    “Silica Encapsulated Heterostructure Catalyst of Pt Nanoclusters on Hematite Nanocubes: Synthesis and Reactivity” Zhang, P.; Chi, M.; McFarland, E., et al. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20, 2013 – 2017.

6.    “Synthesis and characterization of sintering resistant silica encapsulated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles active for oxidation and chemical looping combustion” Park, J.; Zhang, P.; Hu, Y.; and McFarland, E. W. Nanotechnology 2010, 21, 225708.

7.    “Energetics of Cubic and Monoclinic Yttrium Oxide Polymorphs: Transitions, Surface Enthalpies, and Stability at the Nanoscale”. Zhang, P.; Navrotsky, A.; et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2008, 112, 932-938.

8.    “Energetics of ZnO Nanoneedles: Surface Enthalpy, Stability, and Growth”. Zhang, P.; Navrotsky, A.; et al. Journal of Material Research 2008, 23, 1652-1657.

9.    “Surface Enthalpies of Nanophase ZnO with Different Morphologies” Zhang, P.; Xu, F.; Navrotsky, A.; et al. Chemistry of Materials 2007, 19, 5687-5693

10.  “Nanoporous ZnO: Fabrication, Surface Energy, and Photocatalytic Activity”. Xu, F.; Zhang, P.; Navrotsky, A.; et al. Chemistry of Materials 2007, 19, 5680-5686


Research Projects

National Science Foundation


Honors & Awards

First prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award in 2009