Faculty, by Name

Jining QIN

Jining QIN

Institute of Composite Materials
Associate Professor
Room333, Material Building D

Biographical Information

Got B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Xiangtan University in 1984, got M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Xi’an Jiao Tong University in 1987, and got Ph.D in Materialogy at Shanghai Jiao Tong university in 2006.

As an visiting scholar to Industrial Science Institute in Osaka university, Japan, engaged in research of functionally gradient materials on 1995, as an visiting scholar to Korea Institute of Science and Technology on 2003, Korea, engaged in research of ECAP Processing, and as an Brain Pool scholar to Korea Institute of Materials Science on 2012 engaged in aluminum sagging mechanism research.


Research Interests

The research activities including:

1.      The design, forming and mechanical properties testing of Aluminium and Magnesium matrix composites.

2.      The forming and evolution of deformation texture in the forming process of metal and metal matrix composites.

3.      The computer simulation of the effects of reinforcements distribution and volume fraction on the mechanical properties of metal matrix composites.

4.      The manufacture, forming and mechanical properties testing of in situ synthesized titanium matrix composites.


Selected Publications

1.        Jining Qin, Suk-Bong Kang, Jae-Hyung Cho, Sagging mechanisms in the brazing of aluminum heat exchangers, Scripta Materialia, 68 (2013) 941-944.

2.        Jining Qin, Weijie Lu, Di Zhang, Tongxiang Fan, First principles calculation of thermodynamic properties of NaAlSi ternary, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 407 (2012) 193-197.

3.        Jining Qin, Di Zhang, Guoding Zhang, Quan Jin, Mechanical behavior of a hybrid reinforced magnesium composite fabricated by pressure infiltration method, Key Engineering Materials, 313 (2006) 151-157.

4.        Qin Jining, Zhang Di, Zhang Guoding, Jae-Chul Lee, Effect of temperature on texture formation of 6061 aluminum sheet in equal-channel angular pressing, Materials Science and Engineering A, 408 (2005) 79-84.

5.        Qin Jining, Jun-Hyun Han, Zhang Guoding, Jae-Chul Lee, Characteristic of textures evolution induced by equal channel angular pressing in 6061 aluminum sheets, Scripta Materialia, 51 (2004) 185-189.

6.        Shuyu Sun, Liqiang Wang, Jining Qin, Yifei Chen, Weijie Lu, Di Zhang, Microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of in situ synthesized (TiB+TiC)/TC18 composites, Materials Science and Engineering A, 530 (2011) 602-606.

7.        Jiuxiao Li, Liqiang Wang, Jining Qin, Yifei Chen, Weijie Lu, Di Zhang, The effect of heat treatment on thermal stability of Ti matrix composite, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 509 (2011) 52-56.

8.        Zhengui Zhang, Jining Qin, Zhiwei Zhang, Yifei Chen, Weijie Lu, Di Zhang, Microstructure effect on mechanical properties of in situ synthesized titanium matrix composites reinforced with TiB and La2O3, Materials Letters, 64 (2010) 361-363.

9.        Lv Xiao, Weijie Lu, Jining Qin, Yifei Chen, Di Zhang, Minmin Wang, Feng Zhu, Bo Ji, Effects of reinforcements on creep resistance of hybrid-reinforced titanium matrix composites, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 41 (2010) 1855-1863.

10.    Liqiang Wang, Weijie Lu, Jining Qin, Fan Zhang, Di Zhang, Microstructure and superelasticity of in situ synthesized (TiB + La2O3)/Ti-alloy composites with different mass fraction of LaB6, Materials Science and Engineering A, 527 (2010) 1058-1062.


Research Projects

At present, engaged in the researches of:

1. 973 Project (2012CB619602) in charge of the manufacture and characterization of advanced metal matrix composites.

2. Key Project of Natural Science Foundation (51131004) in charge of the simulation of the mechanic properties of composites.


Honors & Awards

The Second Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in the Research of In Situ Synthesized Titanium Matrix Composites. (2003)