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Yating WU

Yating WU

Institute of Composite Materials
Associate Research Fellow
Room 417, Material Building D

Biographical Information

Dr. Yating Wu was born in 1975. She obtained her B.S and M.S degrees in the department of Mechanical Engineering of Xi’an Petroleum University. After that, she further studied at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and became a faculty at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of SJTU immediately after she received her Ph.D degree in 2005. During 2008-2009, She spent one year doing research in Stuttgart University, Germany as a visiting scholar. She is currently an associate research fellow in Prof. Wenbin Hu’s group.


Research Interests

Her research focus is on the surface modification by electroless plating and electrodeposition, which is closely related to the properties of wear resistance, self-lubricating frication and in-situ liquid lubrication. In recent two years, she began to focus on the preparation and applications of metal oxides, such as cuprous oxide, tin oxide and other oxides by anodization.


Selected Publications

1.        Zhen Zhang; Wenbin Hu; Yida Deng; Cheng Zhong; Yating Wu*(corresponding author), Lei Liu. The Effect of Complexing Agents on the Oriented Growth of Electrodeposited Microcrystalline Cuprous Oxide Film. Materials Research Bulletin. 2012,47(9):2561-2562

2.        Zhen Zhang; Wenbin Hu; Cheng Zhong; Liu Lei; Wang Haoren; Yating Wu*(corresponding author). The Preparation of Submicron-sized Cuprous Oxide Crystallites by Electrodeposition with Polyethylene Glycol as Additive. Journal of Crystal Growth. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2012,354(1):193-197

3.        HE Mei-feng, HU Wen-bin, ZHONG Cheng, WENG Jun-fei, SHEN Bin, WU Ya-ting* (corresponding author).The Effect of Wear Conditions on Tribological Properties of Electrolessly-Deposited Ni-P-Gr-SiC Hybrid Composite Coating. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China.2012,22,10:2586-2592

4.        Y.T.Wu, M.F.He, L.Liu, C.Zhong, Wenbin Hu. Antifriction and wear characteristics of electrolessly-deposited Ni-P with PTFE composites. Tribology Letters. 2011, 42:161-168.

5.        C. Zhong, M.F. He, L. Liu, Y.J. Chen, B. Shen, Y.T. Wu(corresponding author), Y.D. Deng, W.B. Hu . Formation of an aluminum-alloyed coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy in molten salts at lower temperature. Surface and Coatings Technology.2010,205:2412-2418

6.        Wu Yating, Shen Bin, Lui Lei, Hu Wenbin, Artificial neural network modeling of plating rate and phosphorus content in the coatings of electroless nickel plating, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 2008, 205,(1-3)207-213.

7.        Yiping Tang, Hezhou Liu, Haijun Zhao, Lei Liu, Yating Wu(corresponding author). Friction and wear properties of copper matrix composites reinforced with short carbon fibers. Materials and Design, 2008,29: 257-261.

8.        Wu Y., Liu H., Shen B., Liu L., Hu W. The friction and wear of electroless Ni-P matrix with PTFE and/or SiC composite, Tribology International, Volume 39, 2006,39: 553-559.

9.        Wu Y., Shen B., Liu L., Hu W., The tribological behaviour of electroless Ni-P-Gr -SiC composite, Wear, 2006,261(2): 201-207.

Y.T. Wu, L. Lei, B. Shen and W.B. Hu.Investigation in electroless Ni-P-Cg-SiC composite coating, Surface and Coatings Technology,2006,201(1-2): 441-445


Research Projects

1. Fabrication of New-type composite coating with in-situ self-lubrication and study in deposition mechanism, sponsored by Shanghai Natural Science Foundation.2012-2014

2. Design and Fabrication of New-type composite coating with in-situ self-lubrication and study in composite mechanism, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation.2013-2015

3. One national project.2010-2012


Honors & Awards

Up to now, she has published nearly 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and she also holds 5 patents. Her work, the design, preparation and applications of composite coatings containing SiC and/or PTFE particles by electroless plating, as an main part, was awarded the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2009 and first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress in 2007. Besides, she is sponsored by China Scholarship Council to go to the USA as a visiting scholar in 2013.