Faculty, by Name

Dingbang XIONG

Dingbang XIONG

Institute of Composite Materials
Room 425, Material Building D

Biographical Information

2012.07-Present: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor

2010.04-2012.06: Kyoto University (Japan), JSPS Fellow

2007.08-2010.01: Marburg University (Germany), Humboldt Fellow

2002.09-2007.07: Shanghai Institute of Ceramics-CAS, PhD candidate

1998.09-2002.07: Chinese University of Geoscience, Bachelor


Research Interests

Biomimetic Structural and Functional Composites: Fabrication of composites with fine microstructures of natural materials for applications in structural and functional materials.


Selected Publications

1.        D.B. Xiong, N.L. Okamoto, T. Waki, Y.F. Zhao, K. Kishida, H. Inui: High-TC Ferromagnetic Semiconductor-like Behavior and Unusual Electrical Properties in Compounds with a 2 × 2 × 2 Superstructure of the Half-Heusler Phase, Chemistry – A European Journal, 18, 2536-2542, 2012.

2.        D.B. Xiong, N.L. Okamoto, H. Inui: Planar Symmetry Incompatibility in Ru-Sn-Zn Pseudo-Decagonal Approximants Composed of Novel Pentagonal Antiprisms, Inorganic Chemistry, 50, 827-835, 2011.

3.        D.B. Xiong, Y.F. Zhao, W. Schnelle, N.L. Okamoto, H. Inui: Complex Alloys Containing Double-Mackay Clusters and (Sb1–δZnδ)24 Snub Cubes Filled with Highly Disordered Zinc Aggregates: Synthesis, Structures and Physical Properties of Ruthenium Zinc Antimonides, Inorganic Chemistry,  49, 10788-10797, 2010.

4.        D.B. Xiong, Y.F. Zhao, N.L. Okamoto, C. Pietzonka, T. Waki, H. Inui: Ru9Zn7Sb8: A structure with 2 × 2 × 2 supercell of Half-Heusler phase, Inorganic Chemistry, 49, 10536-10542, 2010.

5.        D.B. Xiong, K. Yang, Y.F. Zhao, J. Ma: Interpenetrating icosahedra chains based zinc-rich ternary phases Ru4.0Sn2.9Zn11.6 and Ru3.0Sb0.97Zn11.0: synthesis, structures and physical properties, Dalton Transaction, 39, 8331–8338, 2010.