Faculty, by Name

Anmin HU

Anmin HU

Advanced Materials Research Center
Associate Professor
Room 411, Material Building D

Biographical Information

19861990 Hefei University of technology BA

19901997 Anhui Chaohu Diesel engine works, Engineer

19972000 Beijing Science and technology University, M.A.

20012004 Tshinghua University, PhD.

20042006 Shanghai JiaoTong University, Post Doctor

20062008 Shanghai JiaoTong University, Lecturer

2008 Shanghai JiaoTong University, Associate Professor

Research Interests

Microelectronic materialstechnology and reliability

Selected Publications

[1] Hangtao Anmin Hu, Ming Li, Dali MaoStructural Control of Cobalt Nanocones Array Grown by Directional ElectrodepositionCrystEngComm. 12 (2010) 2799–2802

[2] Jing Hu, Anmin Hu, Ming Li, Dali MaoDepressing effect of 0.1 wt.% Cr addition into Sn–9Zn solder alloy on the intermetallic growth with Cu substrate during isothermal aging, Materials Characterization, 61 (2010) 355-361.

[3] Tao Hang, Huiqin Ling, Anmin Hu and Ming Li, Growth Mechanism and Field Emission Properties of Nickel Nanocones Array Fabricated by One-Step Electrodeposition, J. Electrochem. Soc., 157 (2010) 624-627.

[4] JinlingBi, Jin Hu, Tinbi Luo, Anmin Hu, Ming Li, and Dali Mao, Intermetallic compound growth between the Sn-Zn-Bi-(Cr) solder and Cu/electroplated Ni substrates, Microele. Relib.(Accept) DOI: 10.1016/j.microrel.2010.09.028

[5] Jie Gao, Anmin Hu, Ming Li, Dali MaoInfluence of crystal orientation on copper oxidation failureApplied Surface Science 255 (2009) 5943-5947

[6] Xi, Chen, Anmin Hu, Ming Li, Dali MaoOxidation of Lead Frame Copper Alloys with Different Compositions and Its Effect on Oxide Film AdhesionJournal of Electronic Materials: 38, (2009), 372-378.

[7] Xi Chen, Anmin Hu, Ming Li, Dali MaoEffect of a trace of Cr on intermetallic compound layer for tin/zinc lead-free solder joint during aging, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 470 (2009) 429-43

[8] Hu AM, Li M, Mao DLPreparation and characterization of a titanium-substituted hydroxyapatite photocatalystJournal of molecular catalysis a-chemical 267 200779-85

[9] Hu AM, Li M, Mao D.L., Preparation of nanocrystals hydroxyapatite/TiO2 compound by hydrothermal treatment. Applied Catalysis B, Environmental63 (2006) 41-44

[10] Hu AM, Li M, Mao DL, Developed a whisker spodumene glass ceramics, Journal of American Ceramics Society89 (2006) 358-360