Faculty, by Name

Chaoying XIE

Chaoying XIE

Advanced Materials Research Center
Room 403A,Material Building A

Biographical Information

B.Sc in 1982 /  M.Sc in 1986 / Ph.D in 1990, from Department of  Metal Materials Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

1990.12-1991.6 Department of  Metal Materials Science, Qinghua University, Postdoctor fellow;

1991.7-1992.12 Department of  Metal Materials Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Postdoctor fellow

1992.12- present, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

1993.12-2000.12  Associate Professor

2000.12-        Professor

1995.11-1996.6,  Dept. of Physics & Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong, Visiting Scholar

2002.7-2003.8 Dept of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada, Research Associator


Teaching Involvements

1. Thermodynamics of Materials  (Undergraduate students)

2. Failure Analysis  (Undergraduate students)


Selected publications

1. “Shape Memory Materials”, (Chapter 5), Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, in Chinese, (2000)

2. Hong Jiang, Zhiguo Fan, Chaoying Xie(谢超英),Finite element analysis of temperature rise in CP–Ti during equalchannel angular extrusion, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 513–514, pp109–114 (2009)

3. Zhiguo Fan, Hong Jiang, Xiaogang Sun, Jie Song, Xiaoning Zhang, Chaoying Xie(谢超英),Microstructures and mechanical deformation behaviors of ultrafine-grained commercial pure (grade 3) Ti processed by two-step severe plastic deformation, Materials Science and Engineering A,  Vol.527, pp 45–51 (2009)

4. Zhiguo Fan, Hong Jiang, Chaoying Xie(谢超英),Superelasticity characteristics of alloy processed by Equal Channel Angular ExtrusionMRS International Materials Research Conference,Chongqing, China, Jue 9-12, 2008

5. Zhiguo FanChaoying Xie(谢超英), Phase transformation behaviors of Ti-50.9at%Ni Alloy after Equal Channel Angular Extrusion, Materials Letter, Vol.62, pp800-803 (2008)

6. Hong Jiang, Zhiguo Fan, and Chaoying Xie(谢超英),3-D finite element simulation of deformation behavior of CP-Ti and working load during multi-pass equal channel angular extrusion, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol.485,pp 409–414(2008)

7. Zhiguo Fan and Chaoying Xie(谢超英), Shape Memory Behavior of Ti-50.9at%Ni Alloy After ECAE Processes, Materials Science Forum, Vols.561-565, pp2313-2316(2007)8.

8. Jie Songa Chaoying Xie(谢超英),α Phase Forming on Surface Layer and Recipitating of a Ti-Mo Based Alloy Annealed in Air, Materials Science Forum, Vols.561-565, pp1295-1299(2007)

9.XiaoGang Sun, Chaoying Xie, Damping Characteristics of A NiMnGa/Polymer Composite Material , Materials Science Forum,Vols.561-565, 697-699(2007)

10. Lei Zhang, Chaoying Xie, Jiansheng Wu, Grain size estimations of annealed  Ti–Ni shape memory thin films, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 432(2007)318-322

11. Lei Zhang, Chaoying Xie, Jiansheng Wu, Oxidation behavior of sputter-deposited Ti–Ni thin films at elevated temperatures, Materials Characterization 58 (2007) 471–478

12. Lei Zhang , Chaoying Xie, Jiansheng Wu, Effectof annealing temperature on surface morphology and mechanical properties of sputter-deposited Ti–Ni thin films, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 427(2007)238-243