Faculty, by Name

Xiaodong WANG

Xiaodong WANG

Research Base of Introduce Talents
Room 503, Materials Building A

Biographical Information

2006.4- School of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Lecturer

2003.3-2006.3, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Doctor


Teaching Involvements

Fundamental of Materials Science


Selected Publications

1.    X.D. Wang, N. Zhong, Y.H. Rong, T.Y. Hsu (Z.Y. Xu), L. Wang. Novel ultrahigh-strength nanolath martensitic steel by quenching–partitioning–tempering process Journal of Materials Research, 24 (2009) 260-267.

2.    X. D. Wang, B. X. Huang, Y. H. Rong. On the deformation mechanism of twinning-induced plasticity steel. Philosophical Magazine Letters. 88 (2008) 845-851.

3.    X.D. Wang, B.X. Huang, L.Wang and Y.H. Rong. The design and characterization of microalloying high-strength TRIP steels. Metallurgical & Materials Transactions A , 39A (2008) 1-7

4.    X. D. Wang, B. X. Huang, Y. H. Rong, L. Wang. Determination of stacking fault probability in fcc Fe–Mn–Si–Al alloy by electron diffraction. Journal of Applied Physics, 101 (2007) 093511.

5.    X.D.Wang, B.X.Huang, Y.H.Rong, L.Wang. Transformation behavior of retained austenite in TRIP steels under stress. J. Mater. Sci. & Technol., 22(5) (2006) 532-535.

6.    X. D. Wang, B. X. Huang, Y. H. Rong, L. Wang. Microstructures and stability of retained austenite in TRIP steels. Material Science and Engineering A, 438-440 (2006) 300-305.

7.    X.D. Wang, W.Z. Xu, Z.H. Guo, L. Wang, Y.H. RongCarbide characterization in a Nb-microalloyed advanced ultrahigh strength steel after quenching–partitioning–tempering processMaterial Science and Engineering A, 527 (2010) 3373-3378.