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Institute of Composite Materials
Room 323,Material Building D

Biographical Information

Education Experience:

1.        01.1978 -02.1982       B. S.      Xi-an Jiao Tong University

2.        10.1982 -03.1985       M. S.      Osaka University

3.        04.1985 -03.1988       Ph. D      Osaka University


1.        04.1974. -12.1976 Educated Youth Gaojiazhuang group of Zhouzhi Country in Shaanxi Province

2.        01.1977 -01. 1978  Worker Xi’an Electric Foundry

3.        09.1988 -12.1989  Lecturer Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University             

4.        01.1990-12.1993 Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

5.        12.1993- now, Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Overseas Experience

1.        12.1991-11.1993, Visiting Scholar  Central laboratory, Yuasa Corporation, Japan

2.        08.1994-05.1995,Visiting Scholar   Central laboratory, Yuasa Corporation, Japan

3.        11.1996-03.1997,Visiting Professor       Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kyoto University

4.        11.1997-02.1999, Visiting Professor      Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy, Osaka University

5.        07.2001-10.2001,Visiting Professor, Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, Germany

6.        01.2003-2008(total 10months, 2months/year), Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Saga University

Commissions of trust

Executive Director of Chinese Compostie Materials Society

Professional Committee of Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites

Editorial Member of international journal“Composites Science and Technology”, 2007-

Editorial Member of international journal “Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials”, 2011-

Associate Editor of “Journal of Composites Materials”, 2006-

Editorial Member of “Chinese Science Bulletin”, 2006-

Editorial Member of “Acta Metallurgica Sinica”, 2008-


Research Interests

1.        Process of advanced metal matrix composites;

2.        Basic and applied research of Morph Genetic materials.


Selected Publications

1.      Peng, Wenhong; Zhu, Shenmin; Wang, Wanlin; Zhang, Wang; Gu, Jiajun; Hu, Xiaobin; Zhang, Di; Chen, Zhixin. 3D Network Magnetophotonic Crystals Fabricated on Morpho Butterfly Wing Templates. ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS. 2012, 22, 10, 2072-2080. (IF=10.179)

2.      Tan, Yongwen; Gu, Jiajun; Xu, Linhua; Zang, Xining; Liu, Dingxin; Zhang, Wang; Liu, Qinglei; Zhu, Shenmin; Su, Huilan; Feng, Chuanliang; Fan, Genlian; Zhang, Di. High-Density Hotspots Engineered by Naturally Piled-Up Subwavelength Structures in Three-Dimensional Copper Butterfly Wing Scales for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection. ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS. 2012, 22, 8, 1578-1585. (IF= 10.179)

3.      Guo, Xianglong; Wang, Liqiang; Wang, Minmin; Qin, Jining; Zhang, Di; Lu, Weijie. Effects of degree of deformation on the microstructure, mechanical properties and texture of hybrid-reinforced titanium matrix composites. ACTA MATERIALIA. 2012, 60, 6-7. (IF=3.755)

4.      Wang, Jingyue; Li, Zhiqiang; Fan, Genlian; Pan, Huanhuan; Chen, Zhixin; Zhang, Di. Reinforcement with graphene nanosheets in aluminum matrix composites. SCRIPTA MATERIALIA. 2012, 66, 8, 594-597. (IF=2.699)

5.      Jiang, Lin; Li, Zhiqiang; Fan, Genlian; Cao, Linlin; Zhang, Di. The use of flake powder metallurgy to produce carbon nanotube (CNT)/aluminum composites with a homogenous CNT distribution. CARBON. 2012, 50, 5, 1993-1998. (IF=5.378)

6.      Jiang, Lin; Li, Zhiqiang; Fan, Genlian; Cao, Linlin; Zhang, Di. Strong and ductile carbon nanotube/aluminum bulk nanolaminated composites with two-dimensional alignment of carbon nanotubes. SCRIPTA MATERIALIA. 2012, 66, 6, 331-334. (IF=2.699)

7.      Liu, Qinglei; Gu, Jiajun; Zhang, Wang; Miyamoto, Yoshinari; Chen, Zhixin; Zhang, Di. Biomorphic porous graphitic carbon for electromagnetic interference shielding. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. 2012, 22, 39, 21183-21188. (IF=5.968)

8.      Song, Fang; Su, Huilan; Chen, Jianjun; Moon, Won-Jin; Lau, Woon Ming; Zhang, Di. 3D hierarchical porous SnO2 derived from self-assembled biological systems for superior gas sensing application. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. 2012, 22, 3, 1121-1126. (IF=5.968)

9.      Tan Yongwen, GuJiajun, Zang Xining, Xu Wei, Shi Kaicheng, XuLinhua, Zhang Di.Versatile. Fabrication of Intact Three-Dimensional Metallic Butterfly Wing Scales with Hierarchical Sub-micrometer Structures. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION.2011, 5036, 8307-8311. (IF=13.455)

10.  Shi Nan, Li Xiaohui, Fan Tongxiang, Zhou Han, Ding Jian, Zhang Di, Zhu Hanxing. Biogenic N-I-codoped TiO2 photocatalyst derived from kelp for efficient dye degradation. Energy &Enviorment Science.2011, 4, 1, 172-180.(IF=9.61)

11.  Zhou Han, Fan TongXiang, Zhang Di. Biotemplated Materials for Sustainable Energy and Environment: Current Status and Challenges. CHEMSUSCHEM. 2011, 4, 10, 1344-1387.(IF=6.827)

12.  Zhou, Han, Li, Xufan, Fan, Tongxian), Osterloh, Frank E, Ding, Jian, Sabio, Erwin M., Zhang, Di, Guo, Qixin. Artificial Inorganic Leafs for Efficient Photochemical Hydrogen Production Inspired by Natural Photosynthesis. ADVANCED MATERIALS. 2010, 22, 9, 951. (IF=13.877)

13.  Hong, Wei, Hu, Xiaobin, Zhao, Binyuan, Zhang, Fan, Zhang, Di. Tunable Photonic Polyelectrolyte Colorimetric Sensing for Anions, Cations and Zwitterions. ADVANCED MATERIALS. 2010, 22, 44, 5043. (IF=13.877)


Research Projects

Professor Zhang is the leader of many domestic research projects such as, National Natural Science foundation of China, 973plan, 863plan,  and inter-government collaboration projects. At the same time his group cooperates well with many world-famous universities and companies, such as Rio Tinto Alcan (Canada), Bayer (German), Morgan Crucible (the United Kingdom), The Dow Chemical Company (the United States of America) and Toyota Company (Japan). Professor Zhang’s research fields are process of advanced metal matrix composites, basic and applied research of Morph Genetic materials.


Honors & Awards

Chang Jiang Scholars Program Professor, China, 2001

The first and second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology progress; China, 2003

The first prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award; China, 2006

The second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award; China. 2009

Incubation Award by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; 2012

Guided 2 students to obtain the National Excellent Doctoral dissertation and 6 students to obtain Shanghai outstanding doctoral thesis. China

More than14 invited lectures at international schools and conferences.