Faculty, by Name

Yuesheng NING

Yuesheng NING

Institute of Composite Materials
Research Engineer
Room 431,Materials Building D


PHD        National University of Singapore, 2008



2011    he joined the State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai                             Jiao Tong University as a research engineer.      


 2008:   working as a visiting scholar in Department of Physics, Hong Kong   

          University of Science and Technology (2008),


 20082011 as a senior chemist in Dow Chemical (China) Com.



Research Fields:

Surface science, Carbon materials, Colloids and Nanomaterials



Honors & Awards

Safety awards, 2010, Dow Chemical Company



Research Projects

1. Preparation of nanostructured noble metals by functional groups on activated carbons. (project leader, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


2. Adsorption of organic molecules on silicon surfaces under ultra-high vacuum (UHV). (Ph.D project in National University of Singapore)


3. Synthesis of multi- and single-wall carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapor deposition. (M. Eng project in Zhejiang University)




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2. Zhao, Hong†; Wang, Fei; Ning, Yuesheng†Equal contribution; Zhao Binyuan*; Yin Fujun; Lai Yijian; Hu, Xiaobin; Fan, Tongxiang; Tang, Jianguo; Zhang, Di. “Green “planting” nanostructured single crystal silver”. Scientific Reports, 2013, 3, 1511. (IF 5.078)

3. Ning, Yuesheng ; Jiang, Jun; Shi, Ziliang; Fu, Qiang; Liu, Jianzhao; Luo, Yi; Tang, Ben Zhong; Lin, Nian*. “Single Molecule's Conductance Depending On Its Orientation”. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113, 26-30. (IF 4.224)

4. Ning, Yue Sheng; Shao, Yan Xia; Xu, Guo Qin*. “p-Benzoquinone on Si(111)-7×7: [6+2]-like Cycloaddition”. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, 114, 10455-10462. (IF 4.524)

5. Ning, Yuesheng; Zhang, Xiaobin*; Wang, Youwen; Sun, Yanlin; Shen, Lihua; Yang, Xiaofang; Van Tendeloo, G. “Bulk production of multi-wall carbon nanotube bundles on sol-gel prepared catalyst”, Chemical Physics Letters, 2002, 366, 555-560. (IF 2.526)

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