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Materials Frontier No.187

TitleEffect of hydrogen on properties of materials
SpeakerProf. Monika Losertova, at Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, VŚB Technical University Ostrava Czech Republic
Date/Time2017-06-13, 1:00-2:30 pm
VenueRoom 308, XU Zuyao Building
InviterDr. XIA Mingxu
Research Interests:
1)    Preparation and study of physical and mechanical properties of metallic materials and alloys
2)    Study of hydrogen effect on metallic materials
       Biocompatible alloys based on Ti, Co, TiNi,
       Intermetallic alloys based on the Ni3Al, NiTi, TiNb and TiAl intermetallic compounds
       Ni superalloys
       Lightweight alloys for automotive industry
The mechanical properties of most engineering metallic materials are generally deteriorated by hydrogen presence. The brittleness of alloys induced by the hydrogen is observed at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures. Nevertheless, in some cases the hydrogen can act as beneficial element in improving particular properties and moreover hydrogen is ubiquitous. The seminar will be focus on the following aspects:
1.    Detrimental influence in alloys of Ti, Ni, Al, steels
2.    Beneficial role in Ti alloys
3.    Hydrogen benefits in progressive materials

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