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Materials Frontier No.192

Title: Bio-responsive Materials for Smart Drug Delivery
Speaker: Zhen Gu, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University
Date/Time: 2017-7-10, 10:00am
Venue: Yiuching Lecture Hall, XU Zuyao Building
Inviter:Dr. Jia Pei
Spurred by recent advances in materials chemistry, molecular pharmaceutics and nanobiotechnology, stimuli-responsive “smart” systems offer opportunities for precisely delivering drugs in dose-, spatial- and temporal-controlled manners. In this talk, I will discuss our ongoing efforts in using physiological signals, such as blood sugar level, enzyme activity and ATP gradient for on-demand drug delivery in a programmed manner. I will first present the glucose-responsive synthetic systems for biomimetic delivery of insulin for diabetes treatment. Bio-responsive polymeric microneedle patches will be emphasized. I will further discuss programmable delivery of anticancer therapeutics, the release of which can be activated in the tumor microenvironment or subcellular environment. Our latest study utilizing platelets for targeted delivery of immune checkpoint inhibitors will be specifically introduced.

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