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Materials Frontier No.195

Title: Two-dimensional Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors

Speaker: Dawei Wang Dr, UNSW

Date/Time: 2017-10-26, 14:00pm

Venue: 308, XU Zuyao Building

Inviter:Prof. ZHU Shenmin


Da-Wei Wang joined UNSW in 2014, and is currently Senior Lecturer in School of Chemical Engineering. His research focuses on the chemistry and synthesis of high-performance energy materials, and the design of new generation renewable energy conversion/storage systems, including supercapacitors, rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and flow batteries. Part of his research is dedicated to the exploration of novel two-dimensional materials and the intriguing properties that inspire ‘unknown’ applications. As a Chief Investigator, Da-Wei has attracted external funding (>3M A$). Da-Wei has contributed 2 book chapters, >100 journal publications, 8 patents and over 20 keynote/invited presentations, which received >12,000 citations with an h-index of 40 (Google Scholar).  Da-Wei has won some prestigious awards including 2012 Fundamental Research Excellence Award of University of Queensland, 2013 Scopus Young Researcher Award in Engineering and Technology (Australian Universities).



Electrochemical capacitors (ECs) provide appealing energy storage solutions, because of their higher power density, better safety and greater life span relative to lithium batteries. Rational design and synthesis of two-dimensional (2D) materials (such as graphene, MXene, transition metal dichalcogenides, etc.) has shown great impact for transformative technological advances for ECs. The principles of electrode mechanism in various supercapacitors will be firstly reviewed. Following that, I will discuss the recent progress on 2D EC material in our laboratory. Our study focuses on three types of 2D materials for ECs: graphene, graphene oxide and supramolecular lamella. The structure, electrochemical behaviour, and their correlations for various ECs (symmetric, aqueous or metal-ion capacitors) will be discussed.

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