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Materials Frontier No.196

Title: Recent Advances in the World of Light Metals

Speaker: Diran Apelian Dr, Metal Processing Institute,WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE,USA

Date/Time: 2017-11-2, 10:00am

Venue: 8th Floor Meeting Hall, New Library Building

Inviter: Prof. GAO Haiyan


Dr. Apelian received his BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Drexel University (1968) and his Doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT (1972). After graduating from MIT, he joined Bethlehem Steel’s Homer Research Laboratories where he co-developed the Ultra-Form series of high strength low alloy steels. He joined Drexel University in 1976 and held various positions at Drexel, including professor, Head of the Department of Materials Engineering, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, and subsequently Vice-Provost of the University.

Professor Diran Apelian is widely recognized for his innovative work in metal processing and for his leadership as a researcher and educator. His research has helped establish mechanisms and fundamentals in metal processing and helped lay the foundations for significant industrial developments. In particular, his work in the fields of molten metal is processing, plasma processing, spray casting, and shape casting of aluminum alloys can be described as pioneering work. More recently, his work in the development of technologies to recover and recycle materials is critically important for a sustainable future.

A characteristic of Professor Apelian’s work is that his scholarly output is valued and utilized by the industrial sector. Much of today’s industrial developments in shaped aluminum castings has been influenced by the work of Professor Apelian and his students. Apelian has a unique talent for building bridges between the industrial and academic communities, and for identifying fundamental scientific issues holding back the development of a given technology.

Apelian has ~ 700 publications to his credit; 15 books and 21 patents. He serves on several technical, corporate and editorial boards. During 2008/2009, he served as President of TMS. Apelian is Founding Editor of the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy. He is serving Chair of the ASM Educational Foundation (2016-2018).


1)Metallurgical bond formation during multi-material metal casting

2)Clean aluminum processing: new avenues for measurement and analysis

3)Exploration and development of high entropy alloys

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