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Materials Frontier No.198

Title: New directions in Mateiral Discovery and Fabrication
Speaker: Evan S. Cole Dr, RMIT University
Date/Time: 2017-12-6, 10:00am
Venue: 313, XU Zuyao Building
Inviter: Xiaoqin Zeng Prof.
Professor Ivan Cole – Director of Enhanced Capability Platform for Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication, RMIT Unversity.
Researcher Leader in Computational Design of Materials,  Corrosion Science and Nano-sensing . Extensive experience in Research Leadership and deficated to transferring techology to industry and society
Summary of Research Experience
Nearly thirty years experience and an internationally recognized leader in the field  of  life prediction , prognostics and design of  engineered structures  specializing in Computational Materials Modeling (incl. geographical information systems), impact of and adaptation to climate change, Sensor Systems, Corrosion Science and Protective Coatings. Outputs include IT systems for damage prognostics, IT systems to predict flood damage and design guides to minimize such damage, protective coatings for metals and innovative  of nano sensors. Ivan has led major projects in intelligent vehicle heath monitoring for aerospace applications, development of new coatings for galvanized steel and aluminium and the relation between building design/climate and component life, as well as the development of performance-based guidance standards and codes for durable buildings. Prof. Cole has made a significant contribution to the application of building and material science to the conservation of cultural artefacts. An extensive publication records with over 190 papers, as well as having been the chair and keynote speaker of international organizations and conferences in these areas.
Summary of Leadership Experience
Fifteen year’s experience in leading large institutes, programs or teams in academic and research institutions. Most recently through the advanced manufacturing and fabrication ECP at RMIT University and the CSIRO (equivalent to Chinese Academy of Sciences) Program for High performance metal industries in the field of advanced manufacturing (including Industry 4.0), additive manufacturing, micro and nano fabrication, modeling and sensing and autonomous systems. Prior to this, Ivan Deputy Chief and acting Chief of CSIRO Division, of broad Materials science and Engineering capabilities.
Title: New Directions in Material Discovery and Fabrication
Prof Ivan S. Cole, RMIT University – Director of Enabling Capability Platform for Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication
Abstract: New methods of material fabrication allow the possibility to control material forms at the atomic and molecular level.  However, to make the most of this possibility we need to be able to design at this level. This talk will thus focus on two questions – How do we design engineered objects at the nano or molecular scale and what new functionalities can we introduce to materials by designing at this scale.
Two materials design and discovery methods have been developed. Computational design of materials where multi-scale modelling is used to predict the life and performance of engineered objects from the molecular scale up and robotic materials discovery. In robot materials discovery, high throughput experimentation is facilitated by robotic experimental preparation and analysis allowing up to 100 tests to be run and large data bases to be developed and then analysed by pattern recognition methods. By techniques permit a very large number of molecular design to assessed rapidly and the impact on the final performance of the engineering object to be determined.
These techniques are being applied to a range of projects including, the discovery of new batteru systems, new corrosion inhibitors, new fluorescent materials and on development of bi-compatible surfaces for additive manufacturing of implant. The development of surfacing of additive manufacturing and the discovery of new inhibitors for aluminium, zinc and steel will be explored in depth.

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