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Materials Frontier No.201

Title:Design and Engineering of Optoelectronics: from Energy Harvesting to Bio-interfacing

Speaker:Luyao Lu Dr, Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics, Northwestern University, USA

Date/Time:2018-4-16, 9:00am-10:00am

Venue: Room 313, Xuzuyao Building

Inviter: Yating WU


One important future direction for electronics is to develop unconventional, lightweight, conformal, and soft optoelectronic systems with better performance. My research focused on creating organic and inorganic classes of optoelectronic materials and devices such as solar cells, photodetectors, light emitting diodes, and diagnostic devices for important energy and biomedical related applications. In this talk, I will first introduce strategies to prepare organic solar cells towards high energy conversion efficiency. I will focus on recent efforts in developing ternary blend solar cells that can efficiently increase the absorption breadth of a conventional solar cell device, their mechanistic studies, and how to use nanomaterials such as metal nanostructures and carbon nanotubes as universally-applicable additives to improve organic solar cell performance. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss unprecedented optoelectronic systems built on inorganic materials that can intimately integrate with the body and offer unique capabilities in biomedical research. The discussion will start with the breakthrough invention of the soft, miniaturized, wireless implantable photometry system for fluorescence recording in freely moving animals. Importantly, this technology offers comparable performances to the state-of-the-art commercial available tools for neuroscience community while completely eliminating the influence of tethers on naturalistic behaviors with minimal tissue damages. I will then introduce novel design strategies of a fully biodegradable and biocompatible ultrathin silicon photovoltaic platform for subdermal energy harvesting, which provides a new solution for wirelessly operating implantable electronics without the need for secondary surgical extraction.


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