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Materials Frontier No.203

Title: Peptide-directed synthesis and assembly of complex nanoparticle superstructures

Speaker: Prof. Nathaniel Rosi

Date/Time: 2018-5-18, 13:30pm

Venue: Yiuching Lecture Hall, Xu Zuyao Building

Inviter:Prof. SONG Chengyi


Professor Rosi earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Michigan (2003). After completing postdoctoral studies at Northwestern University, he began his independent career at the University of Pittsburgh in 2006, where he is now a Professor of Chemistry. His research group focus on the development of design strategies and synthetic methodology for assembling nanoparticles, biomolecule constructs, and porous materials; leveraging these methods to prepare materials with finely-tuned properties for environmental, biomedical, and metamaterials applications.


This presentation will describe our research focused on the development of new peptide-based strategies for assembling nanoparticles into ordered nanoparticle superstructures.  It will introduce a new class of highly tunable peptide conjugate molecules that are used to i) direct nanoparticle assembly; ii) control the morphology of the assembly; and iii) control the structural metrics and intrinsic physical properties of the assembly.  Most of the talk will focus on the synthesis, structure, properties, and potential applications of two particular nanoparticle assemblies, ‘gold nanoparticle double helices’ and ‘gold nanoparticle hollow spheres’. At the end of my talk, I will present some interesting results from my another project “Metal Organic Framework (MOF) crystals”.

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