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Materials Frontier No.117

Title:Heat Treatment Process Modeling of Steel Parts Using DANTE

Speaker:B. Lynn Ferguson, and Z. Charlie Li, Deformation Control Technology

Date/Time: 2013-9-27,9:00-12:00

Venue: Yiu Ching Lecture Hall, Material Building A

Inviter: Prof.Gu Jianfeng


 DANTE® is a finite element based software package for simulating carburization and hardening processes for steel parts. With DANTE, engineers can predict carbon profiles for carburized parts, residual stress state in parts after heat treatment, the evolution and final volume fractions of metallurgical phases, hardness distribution, and part distortion. DANTE couples a multiphase constitutive model directly with diffusive and martensitic phase transformation models to accurately model heat treatment processes. For use by metallurgists, process engineers, heat treaters and designers, the simulation capabilities of DANTE include furnace heating, gas carburization, low pressure carburization, immersion quenching in oil, molten salt or polymer solutions, gas quenching, spray and intensive quenching, press or fixtured quenching, and tempering. DANTE is used by engineers to reduce process development time and cost, and it offers a route for designers to optimize the heat treat response of new part configurations.
The main benefits of computer modeling include:
·      Increased understanding of heat treatment fundamentals
·      Increased understanding of what is happening metallurgically during  heat treatment
·      Ability to quantitatively compare heat treatment processes
·      Ability to quantitatively compare steel hardenability effects
·      Increased awareness of the effect of process conditions on product quality
This presentation will have a brief introduction to DANTE Software. Several case studies will help further understanding the applications of heat treatment process modeling.

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