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Materials Frontier No.129

Title: Constitutive Modelling of Secondary Twinning in Mg alloy AZ31 under Strain Path Changes

Speaker: Peidong Wu, Professor         
                Department of Mechanical Engineering, McMasterUniversity
                Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L7, Canada
Date/Time: 2014-01-06,10:00

Venue: Room.313, Material Building A

Inviter: Prof Yao ShENG


    The recently developed Twinning and De-Twinning (TDT) model for polycrystalline materials with the Hexagonal Close Packed (HCP) crystallographic structure is modified to include effects of secondary twinning. This improved TDT model is then applied to magnesium alloy Mg-3 Al-1 Zn (AZ31B) sheet under strain path changes. It is demonstrated that the new model is able to capture key features associated with the secondary twinning observed experimentally.


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