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Materials Frontier No.134

Title: Electron Diffractive Imaging and Applications to Materials Science

Speaker: J.M. Zuo, Department of Materials Science and Engineering and F. Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, UniversityofIllinoisUrbana-Champaign 

Date/Time: 2014-03-27,10:00

Venue: Room.500,MaterialBuildingA

Inviter: Prof.Xiaodong WANG


Jian-Min Zuo received his Ph.D. in Physics fromArizonaStateUniversityin 1989. Prior to joining the faculty at UIUC, He was a research scientist in Physics at ASU and a visiting scientist at a number of universities and institutes inGermany,Japan,ChinaandNorway. Zuo is the recipient of the 2001 Burton Award of the Microscopy Society of America, NSF career award in 2005 and Outstanding Overseas Young Scientist Collaboration Award from NSF ofChinain 2007. He is currently a Professor and Racheff scholar in the department of materials science and engineering and F. Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Chair of Excellence, Nanoscience Foundation, France and Fellow of American physical Society.


A major scientific challenge is how to determine the 3D atomic structure of small nanostructures, including single molecules. Coherent diffractive imaging (CDI) is a promising approach. Recent progress has demonstrated coherent diffraction patterns can be recorded from individual nanostructures and phased to reconstruct their structure. However, overcoming the dose limit imposed by radiation damage is a major obstacle toward the full potential of CDI. One approach is to use femtoseconds X-ray pulses. In electron diffraction, amplitudes recorded in a diffraction pattern are unperturbed by lens aberrations, defocus and other microscope resolution limiting factors. Sub-Ångstrom signals are available beyond the information limit of direct imaging. Significant contrast improvement is obtained compared to high resolution electron micrographs. Progress has also been made in developing time resolved electron diffraction and imaging for the study of ultrafast dynamic processes in materials. This talk will cover these crosscutting issues and the convergence of electron and X-ray diffraction techniques toward structure determination of single molecules.

 The research was supported by DOE BES, EFRC, and NSF DMR.

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