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Materials Frontier No.135

Title: The Cutting-edge Technology of Focused Ion Beam: Fundamentals and Applications 

Speaker: Dr. Charlie Kong , Senior Research Officer in Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, The UniversityofNew South Wales,Australia.

Date/Time: 2014-04-16,14:00

Venue: Room.308,MaterialBuildingA

Inviter: Prof. Deliang ZHANG


Dr Charlie Kong is a Senior Research Officer in Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, The University of New South Wales,Australia. He was granted a PhD in Materials Sciences in UNSWin 1995. As a flagship facility manager of Australia Microscope and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF), he has trained over 100 FIB users and co-authored more than 50 papers based on the applications of FIB techniques. He has organized and participated in a number of master classes for FIB managers inAustraliaas well as expert users in UNSW. He was invited to be the session chairman for FIB applications in the 23rd Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis early this year.


In recent years, the multifunctional platform of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) combined with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) has becomeapopular facility inmany research institutes around the world. It is even considered to be essential forsome frontier research areas,such ascharacterization of advanced nano-composite materials,prototyping telecommunication devices, developing ultra-thin film photovoltaic engineering, as well as broad applications for spintronics, superconductors,biomaterials, geoscienceand defence science etc.Itsflexible navigation system with excellent site specific precision coupled with the new generation of analytical attachments, such asmicromanipulators, EDS and EBSD etc.,enables it as a powerful 3D characterizationand modification tool for structural and compositional determination on the surface and/or under subsurface region of solid samples, and for in-situ processing as well. Its powerful capacities on both microanalysis and nanofabrication exhibit huge potentials for further applications, which are currently under rapid development. This seminar aims to introduce principles of FIB, followed bysome case studies on a number of typical applications. All academics and research students are warmly welcome.

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