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Materials Frontier No.154

Title: New frontiers of induction heating and Electromagnetic processing of materials

Speaker: Prof. Fabrizio Dughiero, head of Electroheat Laboratory of Padua University (LEP)

Date/Time: 2014-10-20,10:0012:00

Venue: Room.308,MaterialBuildingA

Inviter: Prof Mingxu XIA


After a short presentaion of the LEP (Laboratory if Electroheat of Padua), during the seminar Fabrizio Dughiero will span from the classical application of induction heating and melting to the new EPM technologies used for the production and treatment of materials.A special attention will be paid to the application of electromagnetic fields in the electromagnetic stirring and levitation for the prodcution of special materials and alloys. Finally a short overview about the application of EM fields at low and high frequency with special reference to the hyperthermia will be given.


Prof. Fabrizio Dughiero: full professor, head of Electroheat Laboratory of Padua University (LEP) from 2010, and chair of Energy Engineering course. His main scientific activities deal with the application of Electroheat and in particular induction heating technologies to industrial, biomedical and domestic applications. In the last years the research focus has been directed to EPM (Electromagnetic Processing of Materials) and in particular to the application of induction heating to the casting of silicon for PV applications. He chairs the HES conference which is one of the most outstanding conferences in this field. He is author of more than 160 scientific papers and 7 patents on different fields and applications.


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