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Materials Frontier No.173

Title:Water-Repellent Materials

Speaker:Professor David Quéré,Department of Physics and Mechanics ESPCI & École Polytechnique,Paris, France


Venue:Materials Building A308

Invitor:Tao Deng


   David Quéré is a full professor in Physics and Mechanics at École Polytechnique (France). He is a distinguished expert in the field of wetting, capillary, and interface science. He have published over 150 scientific papers in Science, Nature Materials, etc., and been invited more than 300 lectures in international conferences. He is the editorial board member of Soft Matter and Scientific Reports, the deputy editor of EPL (Europhysics Letters), and the associate editor of Physics of Fluids. His research mainly includes Soft Matter Physics, with a particular interest in interfacial hydrodynamics – drops, films, morphogenesis, coating, biomimetics.


   We plan to discuss several remarkable properties and functions of water-repellent materials: 1) how they can repel water at many scales; 2) how they can efficiently evacuate water; 3) how water can fully bounce on them; 4) how they favor the spreading of air, when immersed in water. Examples taken from the biological world will illustrate the talk, as well as movies highlighting the unique dynamical properties of such materials.


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