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Norwegian High-Level Education Delegation’s Visit to Shanghai Jiaotong University & “Materials—Key Factor to a Better World” Sub-Forum Held

JUNE 26,2018 Author:

On April 20, 2017, a Norwegian high-level education delegation which consisted of Norwegian Minister of Education Iselin Nybø, officials of Norwegian Ministry of Scientific Research and Higher Education, Consul-general of Norway in Shanghai, Norwegian higher educational research institutions including presidents of nine Norwegian universities, visited Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). The vice-president of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Professor Bjarne FOSS, the director of Department of Materials Professor Jostein MAARDALEN, Professor Hans J. ROVEN, Professor Fride VULLUM-BRUE and Professor Yanjun LI were in the delegation. The NTNU Department of Materials and SJTU School of Materials jointly organized the academic activity—“Materials—Key Factor to a Better World” Sub-Forum at F310, School of Mechanical Engineering. The dean of School of Materials Professor SUN Baode, the assistant dean Professor ZENG Xiaoqin, the director of International Affairs Division Professor DENG Tao and some teachers and students of School of Materials participated in the academic discussion. The seminar was co-chaired by Professor DENG Tao and Professor Jostein MAARDALEN. 


Firstly, the dean of School of Materials Professor SUN Baode, on behalf of SJTU, expressed our warm welcome to NTNU vice-president and the delegation, and affirmed that NTNU is one of the best universities in Norway. The two sides have a good foundation for cooperation in the field of materials and have conducted frequent academic visits and exchanges in the earlier stage. Meanwhile, the two sides have signed the university-level “Agreement on the Joint Research Center for Light Alloy and Its New Energy Materials” and “Joint Cultivation Agreement for Double Master Degree”. On this basis, we wish that the two sides can further strengthen and deepen substantive cooperation, thus to promote the development of material discipline in the two universities.


NTNU vice-president Professor Bjarne FOSS expressed his appreciation to our welcome and hospitality. At the same time, he was very glad to have the opportunity to carry out cooperative education with SJTU and jointly promote our scientific research level. He showed great confidence in our cooperation in the field of materials. He believed that the two sides could have more opportunities for understanding and cooperation through this exchange.


Then, professors of the two sides made excellent academic reports on energy materials and light metal. Professor YANG Xudong and NTNU Professor Fride VULLUM-BRUER respectively made the academic reports on “Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells with Large Area and High Stability” and “Research on Batteries at NTNU - Some Examples”, thus to enhance exchanges in energy cooperation.

Professor ZENG Xiaoqin made a report entitled “Light Metals - The Future Materials”, in which the present situation and future application of light metals such as aluminum and magnesium in automotive field were expounded from a macroscopic perspective. Professor Yanjun LI made a report entitled “Revealing the Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth Behavior of Inoculated Aluminum Alloys by In-Situ Graphic Study and Modeling”.


Professor DENG Tao made a report on thermal energy materials entitled “Bioinspired Thermal Energy Materials”, in which the present situation and development prospect of thermal energy materials were expounded from a macroscopic perspective. 

The seminar gave the two sides a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant research fields, thus to provide more opportunities and possibilities for further substantive cooperation.


On that afternoon at the meeting room 308, XU Zuyao Building, School of Materials, the two sides exchanged views on the implementation of “Agreement on the Joint Research Center for Light Alloy and Its New Energy Materials” and “Joint Cultivation Agreement for Double Master Degree” and discussed the specific details about the cooperation areas and operation of the center. Furthermore, the teacher CHEN Ke, assistant of the dean, made a specific introduction to the Joint Cultivation Agreement. And the two sides communicated on the possible problems in the implementation process, put forward some constructive suggestions and agreed that the Joint Cultivation Agreement should be implemented as soon as possible. Then, NTNU professors conducted respective communication with our professors in corresponding research fields and visited our laboratories.

The visit of Norwegian delegation has promoted the academic exchanges between the two sides, enhanced our mutual understanding in the field of materials and laid a good foundation for further cooperation in the future. The seminar is very successful and our expected results are achieved. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Article by WU Yating
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by XUE Ya



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