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Opening Ceremony of the 2018 SJTU “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials

JULY 20,2018 Author: Qingfeng Zhang; Weihui Xie

On the morning of July 09th, the opening ceremony of 2018 SJTU “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM) was held in Room 114 of the Chen Ruiqiu Building. The theme for this year is Advanced Materials Processing. “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is organized by the School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Prof. Shengrong Yang, the vice Dean of the Graduate School, Prof. Tao Deng, the vice Dean of SMSE, together with lecturer representatives, Prof. Jianfeng Nie from Monash University, Prof. Hiroyuki Kokawa and  Prof. Jiao Zhang from SMSE of SJTU, and other relevant teachers attended this ceremony. This summer school includes not only 28 Chinese students but also 30 foreign students from 16 higher education institutions located in 10 different countries including the USA, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Serbia etc. The ceremony was hosted by A/Prof. Ke Chen, the Dean assistant of SMSE.

Firstly, Prof. Shengrong Yang, the vice Dean of the Graduate School, expressed his warm welcome to the students on behalf of SJTU. He briefly introduced the development history of SJTU, and wished the students have a great time in SJTU.

Afterwards, Prof. Tao Deng welcomed all the students on behalf of SMSE and introduced the development history of the “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM. He indicated that the “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM could provide students with a really good platform. He wished the students can have improvements in their academic area and gain the cutting-edge knowledge. Besides, He encouraged the students to build friendship and to broaden their horizon. His humorous speech created a delighted atmosphere.

As the lecturer representative of the “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM, Prof. Jianfeng Nie, from Monash University, wished the students can have great achievements and have a great time in SJTU. Xin Yang, the student representative, shared many experiences of living and studying in SJTU with great details, which helped foreign students and non-SJTU students have a clearer picture about SJTU.

 The second activity in the ceremony is interaction. Several questions were set and the first student who gave the correct answer could gain the prize. The students all raced to answer. The atmosphere was really relaxing and reached a climax. Then students took a picture for memory under this delighted atmosphere.

After the ceremony, the students visited the 120-aniversary exhibition of SJTU. It helped group members know each other better and build friendship, which was fundamental for the group discussion and activities in the future.

The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM was established since 2016 and is held annually. The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM offers lectures and professional practice of all areas of advanced materials and organize student seminars, visits to research laboratories and companies, culture festival and culture tours in Shanghai. The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is named after Zhihong Zhou, the founder of SMSE, and “Zhihong” means to be ambitious. Every year, there is a topic for the “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM. This year’s ISS-AM is the 3rd time with the theme of Advanced Materials Processing. 2018 ISS-AM is a two-week program, from July 8 to July 21. In this summer school, students can communicate with the world-famous scholars; discuss with outstanding students; enjoy the custom from different cultures; and also have a taste of the beauty of SJTU and Shanghai City.


Written by Qingfeng Zhang; Weihui Xie
Translated by Manyuan Liu
Photos taken by Imran Hussain; Abuzar Abrar


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