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The experience-oriented training and the ice-breaking activity of the 2018 “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School

JULY 20,2018 Author: Qingfeng Zhang

On the evening of the July 9th, 2018 Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM) held experience-oriented training and ice-breaking activity in the lecture hall of Xu Zuyao building, School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE).  Fifty-eight students of the 3rd “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM from eleven countries including USA, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, China etc, participated in this activity. The activity was hosted by Yushan Cai, an experience-oriented trainer from SJTU, and was assisted by Meiling Zhang. With the guidance of the trainer, the students successfully finished multiple experience-oriented activities.


In the beginning, the students finished 2 activities, “figures grabbing” and “rabbits and trees”, with the guidance of the trainer. The atmosphere started to be active.


Then, students formed 7 teams. After the discussion, each team decided the team name, the team secretary, the team flag and the team song etc. Each team went to the stage and had a colorful presentation. There were energetic “With Glasses” team, delighting “Joy” team, ambitious “We are the Champion” team etc.  The atmosphere was relaxing with laugh everywhere.


Next, 2 activities, “Energy Transferring” and “The tower of balloon”, were conducted based on the unit of teams. In the game of “Energy Transferring”, each student was asked to use a concave plate and to connect with each other to transfer a ping-pong ball to a designated box. The students participated with enthusiasm and the lecture hall was full of the sound of balls dropping to the floor and laugh. The requirement of “the tower of balloon” was to make the tallest cluster of balloons.  Every single team member put their effort and this game ended with the “With Glasses” being the first.


This ice breaking activity had a really good effect. The atmosphere was active and students were enthusiastic to participate. This activity improved the friendship between students and also enhanced their team-working ability. The ice-break activity added flavor to “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM and laugh was the best language for students to communicate.



Written by Qingfeng Zhang
Translated by Manyuan Liu
Photos taken by Chan Wang; Yuxuan Liu; Xiaoyi Tang


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