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Cultural Festival Recap

AUG 10,2017 Author:

The 2017 SJTU “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM)


The culture festival of the 2017 SJTU“ Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM) was held on the afternoon of July 19th.It was hosted by the two summer school international students Dragan Kukuruzović from Serbia and Raza Gulfam from Pakistan. 53 Students from 8 countries participated in the festival activities by showcasing their traditional customs, dresses, presenting the uniqueness of their culture and hence getting familiar with each other customary traditions, which was the main purpose behind arranging this festival.

After the introduction,there was a small dumplings game.Two groups of five students each competed each other for who packed dumplings accurately and faster than the other.Each group happily competed against the other and tried theor best to win the game.




The first program was a brief introduction to Chinese history and culture. The Chinese students also sang the traditional song “Jasmine” which was enjoyed by all audience.




The second performance presensted atraditional dance by the Shanghai JiaoTong University Nanyang Dance Club presesntig the elegant Chinese classicaldance.




The third performance was Chinese Kung Fu performed by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kung Fu Association. Chinese Kung Fu has a long and profound history. Wonderful performance attracted bursts of applause by the audience.




The 4th interesting activity was the calligraphy and painting by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Calligraphy Club. The systematic brush stroke and superb painting attracted the students. The international students were also guided to write calligraphy. Everyone showed a great deal of interest in this activity and took in an active part.






After that, the program of different countries started. First program was presented by Victoria and Chaleston from the United States which covered the introduction to U.S., the diverse culture, American regional differences and their rich campus life.




Marcio and Felipe, from Brazil introduced the Brazilian specialties, samba, and football and so on. Felipe also performed a special dance enjoyed by all audience.




The German student, Sarah presented the aspects of German food, clothing, scenery, customs and others. She picturized a rich and colorful Germany.




Next was the introduction of India with the theme "Incredible India". The presenter introduced the Indian food, religious beliefs, and famous historical figures. After the introduction, Amit demonstrated how to perform yoga attracting bursts of applause.




Alessandro, from University of Padova, on behalf of the other six students, gave the introduction of Italy. He illustrated the difference between Italy and the rest of the EU through a short movie amusing the audience. Then he talked about Italian famous cities, food e.g. pizza, etc.




Attia, from Islamic Republic of Pakistan introduced their different cities, natural resources, scenic spots, etc., and also expressed the long-term friendship between China and Pakistan. After the introduction, Ali performed a solo performance of Pakistani songs which felt as to take us into this exotic kingdom.




Finally, the introduction of Serbia was given by five students. They specially prepared specialties to show. Dragan, the host, introduced the geographical location of Serbia, its beautiful sceneries, unique culture and specialties etc.




Then there was a game named “guess the name of songs”. Through the humming melody from the participants, everybody tried to guess the title of a song. This activity was enjoyed a lot.




Afterwards, there was a poker lottery to let everyone try their luck.




Last but not the least, after several rounds of raffle, all students sang and danced to the music which put the event to a climax.




Time flies”. The cultural festival came to the end eventually. During this afternoon, we felt the different cultures and promoted the friendship with an aim of establishing long term positive relation with each other. We didn’t want to but with heavy hearts, we has to say goodbye to each other. Perhaps at a certain time, at a certain place in the future, some of us meet again, saying “hello, my friend”, and recall stories of this experience with joy and pleasure.




[Author]: Silver Wang

[Photography]: Silver Wang, Bangbang Guo




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