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Opening Ceremony of the 2017 SJTU “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials

JULY 14,2017 Author:

   On the morning of July 09th, the opening ceremony of 2017 SJTU “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials (ISS-AM) was held in Room 114 of the Chen Ruiqiu Building. “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is organized by School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). This year’s ISS-AM is the 2nd with the theme of Advanced Functional Material, following the success of 1st ISS-AM organized in 2016
    Vice Dean of the Graduate School, Prof. Shengrong Yang, Secretary of SMSE Party Committee, Prof. Aidang Shan, and Vice Dean of SMSE, Prof.Min Wang, attended the opening ceremony. This summer school includes 53 students from 23 higher education institution located in 8 different countries, including China, Italy, the United States, Serbia etc. The ceremony was hosted by Dean Assistant of SMSE, A/Prof. Ke Chen.
   The opening ceremony began with a video that introduced SJTU in detail. This video provided a comprehensive overview and enabled the students to appreciate the culture and history of the university.
    Prof. Shengrong Yang extended his congratulations to the 53 students on behalf of SJTU. After his short and vivid introduction of SJTU, everyone was looking forward to the summer school.
    Prof. Aidang Shan conveyed the greetings and congratulations from SMSE to all the students. Then, he shared the story of academician Zhihong Zhou and noted that “Zhihong” means to be ambitious. Finally, he ended his speech by explaining his high expectations for the students.
    Prof. Min Wang began by introducing SMSE, specifically through several aspects which includes the history of SMSE, professional teachers, teaching and scientific research, etc. She concluded by remarking “I hope all of the students will have a nice time in the next two weeks, and hope our program will be a huge success.”
    Ying Zhou, the student representative from SJTU, welcomed everyone in her speech to the attendees of the summer school. In her address, she not only shared her personal journey and story, but she also expressed her hopes that the students can widen their perspectives and learn insightful knowledge.
    The 2ndstagein the opening ceremony is prize-giving interactions. There was a trivia game where prizes were awarded to those who knew general knowledge about SJTU. Questions about campus life, bus schedules, etc. were included in this mini quiz. All the students devoted themselves to this contest and interacted with one another as friends throughout this process, and this deepened the students’ knowledge about SJTU and encouraged them to feel more comfortable at this summer school.
   The lecture style opening ceremony ended with the students meeting with their assigned groups. After a long discussion, all the groups reached an agreement on the topic of their final presentation.
   2017 ISS-AM is a two-week program, from July 9 to July 22. Five experts from foreign institutes and five experts from SJTU are scheduled to give lectures. The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM will offer lectures and professional practice of all areas of advanced functional materials and organize student seminars, visits to research laboratories, culture festival and culture tours in Shanghai. The “Zhi-Hong” ISS-AM is also a platform provided for undergraduate and graduate students from all-over the world to interact and build friendship.

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