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Visit by the Director of Materials Ohio State University

MAY 27,2017 Author:

The Ohio State University (OSU) has a long term collaborative relationship with SMSE@SJTU. Both universities hold mutual academic visit and discussions on light alloy, welding and other research fields. OSU is the uppermost partner in “Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center” (111 Project) led by SMSE. Prof. Peter M. Anderson, Chair of Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Prof. Alan Luo paid a two-day visit to SMSE@SJTU from May 18th-19th 2017.
On May 18th, Prof. Peter M. Anderson delivered a lecture entitled ‘Fundamentals and Applications of Ambient and High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys’. Almost 50 teachers and students attended this symposium and discussed with Prof. Anderson on related academic issues and learned insightful knowledge.
In the afternoon of May 18th, Prof. Wenjiang Ding- member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the project leader of the ‘111’ Project “Advanced Light Metal Innovation Center” welcomed Prof. Peter M. Anderson and Prof. Alan Luo and discussed about the research field of magnesium alloys. The proposal for establishing joint research of functional biomaterial in magnesium alloy was discussed and mutual interest was shared to establish joint research center based on front-end alignment. Both experts also visited the Frontier Research Center for Materials Structure and communicated with several research groups of SMSE.
On May 19th, Prof. Peter M. Anderson and Prof. Alan Luo talked about Joint Education Program for dual PhD. Dean of SMSE Baode Sun, Vice Dean Min Wang, Dean Assistant Ke Chen, Prof. Liming Peng, Prof. Yao Shen and other faculty representatives attended the meeting.
Dean Baode Sun shared a brief introduction about the current projects and future plans of SMSE. At the same time, he expressed his consent and expectancy towards comprehensive collaboration with OSU.
Both sides negotiated about the establishment of Joint Program for dual PhD, the prospective requirements for matriculation, and details regarding cultivation and graduation. Finally, an agreement is reached with detailed project requirement taking a key step toward the establishment of joint program. We hope that in the near future both sides can facilitate the exchange of students.
The visit has promoted cooperation between two sides. Both sides look forward to successful exchange programs and collaborative projects in the interest of materials programs of both SJTU and OSU.

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