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The New Year Party & SMSE Excellent International Student Scholarship Awards Ceremony

APR 26,2018 Author: Zhang Liqing

 The New Year Party & SMSE Excellent International Student Scholarship Awards Ceremony was held in Yaozheng Report Hall of the Xu Zuyao Building on December 28th. Prof. Min Wang-Vice Dean of SMSE, Prof. Lingti Kong - Director of International Affairs Office of Graduate School, Yibin Xu-Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of SMSE, Prof. Ke Chen-Assistant Dean of SMSE, Yanyan Zhu-Secretary of Youth League Committee, and several international students from SMSE, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Nabila Mehwish and Syeda Wishal Bokhari.
      The 1st part of the party was awards ceremony of Excellent International Student Scholarship of SMSE, SJTU for 2016-2017 academic year. Leaders and teachers awarded the certificates to the third, second and first-class scholarship winners in sequence.
      Mr. Xu awarded the third-class scholarship certificates to Muhammad Imtiaz and Waseem Abbas (absent, Muhammad Ikram on his behalf).
      Prof. Kong awarded the second-class scholarship certificates to Hafeez Ur Rehman (absent, Mahmoud Khedr on his behalf) and Seyed Reza Elmi Hosseini.
      Prof. Wang awarded the first-class scholarship certificates to Imran Zada and Syeda Wishal Bokhari, and congratulated and encouraged them.
      Imran Zada, as the representative of all awarded excellent students, made a speech.
      Prof. Chen, as the representative of leaders of SMSE, made a speech.
      The 2nd part of the party was playing games together to celebrate the New Year's coming, including "Listen to music and grab a chair", "Eat Biscuits Contest", "Listen to music to pass the doll" and "English word Solitaire". And the winners also won the exquisite gifts. The venue was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.
      The party is aimed to enrich the extracurricular life of the international students of SMSE, send them best wishes of the festival, and encourage the winners of excellent international student scholarship. During the party, international students from SMSE got more familiar with each other and enhanced their friendship.

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