Undergraduats - Apply Through University Admissions

All undergraduates apply and are admitted to the university as a whole. Stanford believes strongly in the benefits of a broad-based education, so students are encouraged to sample widely from the abundant array of course offerings, and are not required to declare a major until the beginning of junior year. Please visit undergraduate admissions for information on procedures and requirements. Financial aid for all undergraduate students is based on need.

All engineering majors require a substantial amount of math and science, so don’t put off taking these courses. The Engineering Fundamentals are a collection of courses that offer a good way to learn about particular engineering fields. There are also many introductory seminars to help students get a feel for hands-on engineering problems. See the Undergraduate Handbook for more information.


All nine engineering departments and the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) offer graduate degree programs.

Financial Aid

Graduate financial aid is based entirely on merit. Fellowships and other forms of assistance are included in the department’s offer of admission, and no separate application is required or accepted. The School of Engineering currently supports more than 180 engineering graduate financial aid funds and 65-70 engineering students receive the University’s Stanford Graduate Fellowships each year.


The coterminal degree program permits Stanford undergraduates to study for a bachelor’s and a master’s degree simultaneously. Applications are through individual departments.