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Name: Xueyu RUAN

Title: Academician, Professor

Office: Room 205, Teaching Building 3, Xuhui campus

Tel: +86-21-6281-3436

Fax: +86-21-6281-3436

Email: xyruan@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment


Research Interests
 Cold forging, numerical simulation, intelligent design, digital manufacturing

Biographical Information

Professor Ruan, born in Shanghai in 1933, was graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Presently, he is professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, head of Shanghai Research Institute of Tool & Die Technology, member of the editorial board of “Journal of Materials Processing Technology” and the “Production Engineering Research and Development”, standing member of ICEM.
Professor Ruan is a world famous expert in plasticity processing and modeling technology. He is one of the pioneers who set up the theory and technology of cold extrusion in China. Being the first in the world to establish the theory of cold extrusion, he successfully developed the cold extrusion of ferrous metal. He has published 4 monographs, such as “Cold Extrusion Technology”, contributing greatly to the development of the theory and technology of cold extrusion in China. He has successively presided over and accomplished a brainstorm national project and a key scientific and technological project of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Sciences, projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, project of Ford-China Research and Development Foundation. He has won state, ministry and international level awards for many times.

Professor Ruan introduced the research results of CAD/CAM, numerical modeling technology and artificial intelligence into the application and development of plastic processing and modeling production. With the support of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Second Institute of Light Industry, he founder the Shanghai Research Institute of Tool and Die Technology in 1983, which is an integrated body of research, education and production, harvesting more than 400 research achievements. The achievements and technical services have spread to different provinces and countries. In 1994, the National Engineering Research Center of Die and Mould CAD was approved by the government to be established on the basis of Shanghai Research Institute of Tool and Die Technology.

Research Interests

Cold forging, numerical simulation, intelligent design, digital manufacturing

Selected Publications

 [1] WANG J., CHEN J., ZHAO Z., RUAN X. Y. Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of Microalloyed Forged Steel, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International 2008, 15 (3): 78-81,91
 [2] CHEN Z. Z., LOU Z. L., RUAN X. Y. Finite volume simulation and mould optimization of aluminum profile extrusion, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 2007, 190 (1-3): 382-386
 [3] TANG B.T., ZHAO Z., YU S., CHEN J., RUAN X.Y. One-step FEM based control of weld line movement for tailor-welded blanks forming, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 2007, 187-188: 383-386
 [4] WANG J., CHEN J., ZHAO Z., RUAN X.Y. Hot deformation behavior of F40MnV steel without quenching-and-tempering, Journal of Iron and Steel Research, 2007, 19 (5): 68-71+106
 [5] ZHOU X., QIU Y., HUA G., WANG H., RUAN X. A feasible approach to the integration of CAD and CAPP, CAD Computer Aided Design 2007 39 (4): 324-338
 [6] ZHANG D., CUI Z., RUAN X., LI Y. An analytical model for predicting springback and side wall curl of sheet after U-bending, Computational Materials Science 2007, 38 (4): 707-715
 [7] LI Y.Q., CUI Z.S., RUAN X.Y., ZHANG D.J. CAE-Based six sigma robust optimization for deep- drawing process of sheet metal, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2006, 30 (7-8): 631-637
 [8] ZHANG X.Q., PENG Y.H., RUAN X.Y., YAMAZAKI K. Feature based integrated intelligent sequence design for cold extrusion, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2006, 174 (1-3): 74-81
 [9] JIANG Y.-J., CHEN J., RUAN X.-Y. Fuzzy similarity-based rough set method for case-based reasoning and its application in tool selection, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 2006, 46 (2): 107-113
 [10] CHEN G., CHEN J., ZHAO Z., RUAN X.Y. An object-oriented hierarchical case representation of automotive panels in a computer-aided process planning system, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2005, 26 (11-12): 1323-1330

Research Projects

Honors & Awards

[1] Successfully developed cold extrusion technologies of ferrous metals as one of the pioneers in China, proposed the criteria of forming limit of cold extrusion, and published 4 books on cold extrusion technologies in 1960s and 1970s.
[2] Successfully developed die and mold CAD/CAM, numerical simulation and AI technology in the field of metal forming and die & mold manufacturing. Under his leadership, more than 400 research projects have been accomplished, and the technologies have been transferred throughout 21 provinces in China and also international companies in US, Japan, Germany and Switzerland, etc.
[3] Proposed the implementation strategy of high-technology development, i.e. research & development, technical transfer and engineering support. He invented a new pattern - to establish joint research lab with industry. In this way, from on one hand, the joint lab can cooperate with related companies and find solutions to some specific problems on high-tech research, development and application; on the other hand, some advanced management methods of multi-national enterprises, up-to-date strategy and technologies can also be exchanged through the cooperation. Till now, more than 30 joint research laboratories and application centers have been established, such as the joint labs with Ford Motor Company, SIEMENS, Sodick, Feintool and Schneider Electric, etc.


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