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Name: Yao SHEN

Title: Professor

Office: Room 509B, Material Building A

Tel: +86-21-3420-3763


Email: yaoshen@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of phase change and structure



Biographical Information

12/2004-date, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 09/2001 – 8/2004, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University
03/1997 – 6/1999, M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University
09/1989 – 07/1994, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Research Interests

Fundamentals of Materials Science, Computational Materials Science

Selected Publications

1. Haibo Wan, Yao Shen*, A plastic-damage model for finite element analysis of silicon cracking under indentation, Journal of Materials Research, 25 (2010) 2224-2237.
2. Xiaohui Liu, Jianfeng Gu, Yao Shen, Ju Li, Changfeng Chen, Lattice dynamical finite-element method, Acta Materialia, 58 (2010) 510-523.
3. Yao Shen*, Xi Cheng, Dislocation movement over the Peierls barrier in the semi-discrete variational Peierls framework, Scripta Materialia, 61 (2009) 457-460.
4. Yao Shen*, Yang Li, Zhuliang Li, Haibo Wan, Pulin Nie, An improvement on the three-dimensional phase-field microelasticity theory for elastically and structurally inhomogeneous solids,  Scripta Materialia, 60 (2009) 901-904.
5. Pulin Nie, Yao Shen*, QiuLong Chen, Xun Cai, Effects of residual stresses on interfacial adhesion measurement, Mechanics of Materials, 41 (2009) 545-552.
6. Yao Shen*,Peter Anderson; Transmission of a screw dislocation across a coherent, non-slipping interface, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 55 (2007), 956-979.
7. Yao Shen*, Peter M. Anderson, Transmission of a screw dislocation across a coherent, slipping interface, Acta Materialia  54 (2006), 3941–3951.
*Corresponding author


Research Projects

Honors & Awards

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