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Name: Zuyao XU

Title: Professor

Office: Room 503, Material Building A

Tel: +86-21-5474-5567


Email: zyxu@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Advanced Materials Research Center


Biographical Information

 1938-1942  B.S., Department of Mining and Metallurgy, National Yunnan University
 1942-1944 Assistant Lecture, Department of Mining and Metallurgy, National Yunnan University
 1943-1949 Technician and Assistant Researcher, Metallurgy Office of Materials Testing Agency, Chongqing(Nanjing) Munitions Bereau
 1949-1954 Associate Professor and Team Leader, Department of Metallurgy, Tan Shan Jiao Tong University
 1953-1962 Associate Professor and Laboratory Leader, Department of Metallography and Heat Treatment, Beijing Iron and Steel College(University of Science and Technology of Beijing)
 1962- Associate Professor, Professor, Team Leader of Metallography Group, Dean, Department of Metallurgy (Department of Materials Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering), Shanghai Jiao Tong University
 1990 Visiting Professor, Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belguim
 1995         Academician Member of Chinese Academy of Science

Research Interests

Selected Publications

1. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao), Principle of Physical Metallurgy,Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 1964
2. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao),Martensitic Transformation and Martensite,Science Press, Beijing, 1980(first print),1981(second print),1999(second version)
3. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao), Thermodynamics of Metallic Materials, Science Press,Beijing, 1981(first print),1983(second print)
4. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao) and Pengxing Li,Introduction to Materials Science, Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 1986
5. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao), Theory of Phase Transformation, Science Press, Beijing, 1988(first print),1991(second print),2000(third print)
6. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao) and Shikai Liu, Bainitic Transformation and Bainite, Science Press, Beijing, 1991
7. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao) and Lin Li, Thermodynamics of Materials, Science Press, Beijing, 2000
9. T. Y. Hsu(Xu Zuyao) et al., Shape Memory Materials, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press


Research Projects

Honors & Awards

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098