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Name: Xudong YANG

Title: Associate Professor

Office: Room 507, Material Building D, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No. 800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-5474-2414

Fax: +86-21-5474-2414

Email: Yang.xudong@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Research Base of Introduce Talents


Biographical Information

 1995 – 1999, B.S.in Physics, Department of Physics, Shandong University.
 1999 – 2002, Master in Physics, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Institute of Crystal Materials, Shandong University. 
 2002 – 2005, PH.D. in Physics, State Key Laboratory for Superlattices and Microstructures, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
 2006 – 2009, Postdoctoral Researcher, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
 2009 – 2014, ICYS Researcher, Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan.
 2014 – present, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Research Interests

Semiconductor Physics and Device, Low-cost Solar Cells

Selected Publications

 1.  Chen, H.; Ye, F.; Tang, W.; He, J.; Yin, M.; Wang, Y.; Xie, F.; Bi, E.; Yang, X.*; Grätzel, M.; Han, L.*, Nature 2017, advance online publication.DOI:10.1038/nature23877.
 2.  Wu, Y.; Yang, X.; Chen, W.; Yue, Y.; Cai, M.; Xie, F.; Bi, E.; Islam, A.; Han, L. Nature Energy 2016, 1.
 3.  Bi, E.; Chen, H.; Xie, F.; Wu, Y.; Chen, W.; Su, Y.; Islam, A.; Gratzel, M.*; Yang, X.*; Han, L.*, Nature Communications 2017, 8.
 4.  Ye, F.; Tang, W.; Xie, F.; Yin, M.; He, J.; Wang, Y.; Chen, H.; Qiang, Y.; Yang, X.*; Han L.*, Advanced Materials. 2017, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201701440.
 5.  Ye, F.; Chen, H.; Xie, F.; Tang, W.; Yin, M.; He, J.; Bi, E.; Wang, Y.; Yang, X.*; Han, L.*, Energy & Environmental Science 2016, 9, (7), 2295-2301.
 6.  Chen, W.; Wu, Y.; Yue, Y.; Liu, J.; Zhang, W.; Yang, X.; Chen, H.; Bi, E.; Ashraful, I.; Graetzel, M.*; Han, L.* Science 2015, 350, (6263), 944-948.
 7.  Wu, Y.; Islam, A.; Yang, X.*; Qin, C.; Liu, J.; Zhang, K.; Peng, W.; Han, L.* Energy & Environmental Science 2014, 7, (9), 2934-2938.
 8.  Liu, J.; Wu, Y.; Qin, C.; Yang, X.*; Yasuda, T.; Islam, A.; Zhang, K.; Peng, W.; Chen, W.; Han, L.*, Energy & Environmental Science 2014, 7, (9), 2963-2967.
 9.  Yang, X.; Yanagida, M.; Han, L.*, Energy & Environmental Science 2013, 6, (1), 54-66.
 10. Yang, X.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, K.; Liu, J.; Qin, C.; Chen, H.; Islam, A.; Han, L.*, Energy & Environmental Science 2013, 6, (12), 3637-3645.

Research Projects

 Semiconductor Physics
 Optoelectronic Devices
 Perovskite Solar Cells

Honors & Awards

 2016, “Eastern Scholar” Professor
 2014, “Michael Graetzel’s Award”

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098