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Name: Fei XIAO


Office: Materials Science Building-A 505B



Email: xfei@sjtu.edu.cn


Platform: Institute of phase change and structure


His research interesting focus on the phase transformation, mechanical behavior and elastocaloric effect in the Shape memory alloys.

Biographical Information


Doctor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan      March 2013

Master of Science in Materials Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P. R.China  March, 2010

Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering, Dong Hua University, Shanghai, P. R. China  July, 2007


2015/8 – ,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,School of Materials and Science and Engineering,Lecturer

2013/10 – 2015/7,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,School of Materials and Science and Engineering,Post Ph.D.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

[1] Internal friction of the R-phase in single crystalline Ti-50.8Ni (at%) alloy containing controlled precipitate of Ti3Ni4, Scripta Materialia 166 (2019) 44-47. (corresponding author)

[2] Improvement of the stability of superelasticity and elastocaloric effect of a Ni-rich Ti-Ni alloy by precipitation and grain refinement, Scripta Materialia 162 (2019) 230–234. (corresponding author)

[3] Growth of B2 parent phase grain assisted by martensitic transformation in a nanocrystalline Ti-50.8Ni (at.%) shape memory alloy, Scripta Materialia 159 (2018) 37–40. (corresponding author)

[4] Stable and large superelasticity and elastocaloric effect in nanocrystalline Ti-44Ni-5Cu-1Al (at%) alloy, Acta Materialia 158 (2018) 330-339. (corresponding author)

[5] Size effect on the mechanical behavior of single crystalline Fe-31.2Pd (at.%) micropillars, Scripta Materialia 152 (2018) 141-145. (first author)

[6] Stress-induced reverse martensitic transformation in a Ti-51Ni (at%) alloy aged under uniaxial stress, Scintific Reports 8 (2018) 6099. (first author)

[7] Composition and structure dependence of specific heat of disordered iron-palladium alloys, Scripta Materialia 139 (2017) 92–95. (first author)

[8] lastocaloric effect induced by the rubber-like behavior of nanocrystalline wires of a Ti-50.8Ni (at.%) alloy, Scripta Materialia 134 (2017) 42–46. (corresponding author)

[9] Stable elastocaloric effect under tensile stress of iron-palladium alloy and its in situ X-ray observation, Acta Materialia 118 (2016) 88-94. (first author)

[10] Inverse elastocaloric effect in a Ti-Ni alloy containing aligned coherent particles of Ti3Ni4, Scripta Materialia 124 (2016) 133-137. (first author)

[11] Elastocaloric effect in Ni50Fe19Ga27Co4 single crystals, Acta Materialia 96 (2015) 292-300. (first author)

[12] Elastocaloric effect by a weak first-order transformation associated with lattice softening in an Fe-31.2Pd (at.%) alloy, Acta Materialia 87 (2015) 8-14. (first author)

[13] On the physical nature of high reversible strain in Fe-Pd single crystals exhibiting lattice softening, Acta Materialia 61 (2013) 4044-4052. (first author)

[14] Significant elastocaloric effect in an Fe-31.2Pd (at.%) single crystal, Applied Physics Letters 102 (2013) 161914. (first author)

[15] Phase stability in pulse electrodeposited nano-grained Co and Fe-Ni, Scripta Materialia, 62 (2010) 496-499. (first author)

Research Projects

2019 Study on the mechanism of abnormal elastocaloric effects in the Ni-Ti shape memory alloy caused by special internal stress field (NSFC)

2016 Study on the mechanism of elastocaloric effect in the Fe-Pd shape memory alloy exhibiting a weak first-order martensitic phase transformation (NSFC)

2015 Study on the new type of elastocaloric materials (Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai)

Honors & Awards

2015 Pujiang Talents Fund of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai

800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: +86-21-3420-3098